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refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

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These several dispositions were not long in making, and the little group was soon seated about a repast which, though it might want the elegancies to which the bride of Middleton had been accustomed, was not deficient in the more important requisites of savour and nutriment.
These attributes of Coketown were in the main inseparable from the work by which it was sustained; against them were to be set off, comforts of life which found their way all over the world, and elegancies of life which made, we will not ask how much of the fine lady, who could scarcely bear to hear the place mentioned.
Dryden is always another and the same; he does not exhibit a second time the same elegancies in the same form, nor appears to have any art other than that of expressing with clearness what he thinks with vigour.
3) The question of how to characterize the northern koinai dates back at least to Mussafia who described it as a "way of speaking (un parlare) that was not without refinement (coltura), with no few Latin reminiscences, with a large number of those elegancies that were not exclusively Tuscan nor Provencal nor French, which in the Middle Ages arrived at a literary development" (Mussafia 229).
exquisitely, and with all the Elegancies of Musick)' (p.
His keen sense of humour early warned him that his bulk, his stature, his heavy form would have fitted ill with the slender elegancies of the powdered wig, the brocaded coat and the knee breeches.
And though he amassed a fortune, he lived simply and cared little for the elegancies of life: His wife, it was remarked, looked like a cook but didn't know how to give a dinner.
But its redemption comes in the form of such small elegancies as the separation of the base from the tower through a series of X-shaped girders that are surrounded by a tasteful arrangement of planters in a garden designed for the building's employees.
Ebenezer in particular enjoyed his riches and was described as a man of "very liberal and generous character" who around 1770 built a log home decorated in "a state and style of living which bespoke opulence, taste, culture, and familiarity with the elegancies and customs of the best provincial society.
that Architecture lay for Ages buried in its own ruins; and altho' from thefe Ruins, it has Phenix--like received a fecund birth, we may neverthelefs conclude, that many of the beauties and elegancies which enhanced its ancient Splendor, are ftill wanting, and that it has not yet by any means recovered all its former Perfection.
Lorenzo Valla's Elegantiarum linguae Latinae, or Elegancies of the Latin Language, a book Erasmus studied closely enough to paraphrase in 1488, treats the two words under the same heading.
As for the adult facet of Huck, even if our hero clearly lacks what Dr Johnson perceived as the mature person's intricacies and elegancies of knowledge, he proves cerebral, observant, discerning, prescient, self-reliant, assertive, reserved, circumspect, calculating, thrifty and judgmental, he can engage rational discourse, ponder abstract values, recognize and censor "the ignorantest kind of words and pictures" (61), and, quite beside himself, summon up indignation: "I couldn't understand it, no way at all.
The reader sees that we are Wordsworthians enough not to confine our tastes to the received elegancies of society; and in one respect, we go farther than Mr.
And since Lewis Theobald's Shakespeare Restored (1726)--"the first essay," according to its author, "of literal criticism of any author in the English tongue," (4) a classical scholar's attempt to establish a text by collation, against a wide background knowledge of Elizabethan literary culture and linguistic practice, and thus a swift reaction to the regularizing elegancies of Pope's neo-classicism in his edition of 1725--controversy had accompanied every statement of editorial method.
Perhaps it was not fair to expect him to feel how very much he was her inferior in talent, and all the elegancies of mind.