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Synonyms for elegance

Synonyms for elegance

refined, effortless beauty of manner, form, and style

Antonyms for elegance

a quality of neatness and ingenious simplicity in the solution of a problem (especially in science or mathematics)

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Such were Elizabeth Elliot's sentiments and sensations; such the cares to alloy, the agitations to vary, the sameness and the elegance, the prosperity and the nothingness of her scene of life; such the feelings to give interest to a long, uneventful residence in one country circle, to fill the vacancies which there were no habits of utility abroad, no talents or accomplishments for home, to occupy.
She was here shown successively into three large bed-chambers, with their dressing-rooms, most completely and handsomely fitted up; everything that money and taste could do, to give comfort and elegance to apartments, had been bestowed on these; and, being furnished within the last five years, they were perfect in all that would be generally pleasing, and wanting in all that could give pleasure to Catherine.
Yes, of course: the young lady's proficiency and elegance is of more consequence to the governess than her own, as well as to the world.
The writers of the reigns of Anne and George I called their period the Augustan Age, because they flattered themselves that with them English life and literature had reached a culminating period of civilization and elegance corresponding to that which existed at Rome under the Emperor Augustus.
In speech and especially in literature, most of all in poetry, they were given to abstractness of thought and expression, intended to secure elegance, but often serving largely to substitute superficiality for definiteness and significant meaning.
Writing generally as a man of affairs, for practical ends, he makes no attempt at elegance and is informal even to the appearance of looseness of expression.
In short, his whole person wanted all that elegance and beauty which is the very reverse of clumsy strength, and which so agreeably sets off most of our fine gentlemen; being partly owing to the high blood of their ancestors, viz.
I cannot admit it," said Sergey Ivanovitch, with his habitual clearness, precision of expression, and elegance of phrase.
The old face, calm and pleasant as ever; the complexion, quite juvenile in its bloom and clearness; the same smile; the wonted precision and elegance of dress; the white, well-ordered teeth; the delicate hands; the composed and quiet manner; everything as it used to be: no mark of age or passion, envy, hate, or discontent: all unruffled and serene, and quite delightful to behold.
Such elegance of manner, so many graces of deportment, such powers of conversation, could never pass unnoticed.
16, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Eye Elegance, a fine eyewear boutique known for its eclectic eyewear has proudly announced its second Houston locationnow open in the Post Oak Plaza, located at the corner of Post Oak Boulevard and San Felipe.
Sir Jackie Stewart gave First Minister Nicola Sturgeon a quick briefing on the finer points of Scottish racing history when she attended the Concours of Elegance.
A week of motoring celebrations in Scotland initiated the first Concours of Elegance Highland Tour.
ELEGANCE means different things to different people, but we always recognise it when it comes along.
ELEGANCE means different things to different people, but we always recognise it when it comes along Elegance is always timeless, of course - and borrowing some of its elements can make an extraordinary difference in your home.