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Echo Electuary began producing cannabis extracts in January 2014 and medicated edibles containing herbs along with CBD (the nonpsychoactive component of cannabis) and THC in January 2015.
The remedy orvietan, for example, had begun the century as an electuary against poison.
Prescription for a remedy compounded by Ibn Masawayh which is good for a hot tumor and hot bloody ulcers in the nose and which has been tested: Take one rnithqal [weight] of the leaves of roses; red sandalwood, and arabic gum, half a dirham [weight] of each; one dirham of the electuary of gallnut; half a dirham of lycium; pound, strain, and knead these ingredients with extract of sour pomegranate; make pills of them and dry these, and if you need a pill, [take it], melt it with water, and smear it on the nose, for it will heal it.
Jiangbo produces both western and Chinese herbal-based medical drugs in tablet, capsule, granule, syrup, and electuary form.
It is also called TCM immersed electuary, boil-free granule of Traditional Chinese Medicine, etc.