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an alloy of gold and silver

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Electrum is a silver-gold alloy known in the ancient Near East including Judea, and was used for fine artifacts and musical instruments.
In electrum samples the rims are commonly discontinuous and extremely thin (2-5 [micro]m) which suggests a very short exogenous transfer (Glushkova and Nikiforova, 2010).
At about the same time that the concept of trade came into being, people were also discovering metal- working, in particular gold, silver, copper and electrum.
95m DI: DestiNA Genomics Co: HBJ Gateley SE: Ledingham Chalmers OCC: MBM Commercial V: Pinsent Masons N/D DI: Electrum Multimedia/Perivan Cash V: Burness Paull/Springfords P: Birketts N/D DI: Etive Technologies Equity Co: MBM Commercial up to PS184.
There is still some online trace of the Purple Rain singer on the web though as his last two albums, Art Official Age and Plectrum Electrum are still available on Spotify.
He has named the new pygmy locust Electrotettix attenboroughi, the genus name a combination of electrum (Latin from Greek, meaning "amber") and tettix (Greek, meaning "grasshopper").
He then delivered a mammoth hit-packed and funk-laden set that spanned chart favourites going back 36 years as well a batch of new songs from his forthcoming Plectrum Electrum album.
The Brits wouldn't let us play so we're gonna show you what they missed", roared the man himself and the 2,000 present were most definitely the beneficiaries as the band ripped into a 15-minute version of 'Funk N Roll', thought to feature on 3rd Eye Girl's soon-to-be-released album Plectrum Electrum, before embarking on a whirlwind tour of new material and the rock great's timeless back catalogue.
The enigmatic star flew into London on Tuesday at the start of a still-evolving string of dates in support of forthcoming album "Plectrum Electrum,'' recorded with all-female trio 3RDEYEGIRL.
Electrum - Progressive rock power trio whose music emphasizes rhythmic ensemble interplay, complex arrangements - usually in Classical forms - and a thorough exploration of odd time signatures.
Origen del nombre: En la Grecia Antigua era conocido como elektron o electrum debido a la propiedad que tiene de cargarse negativamente al ser frotado y atraer pequenos trozos de papel o paja.
After offering his unsatisfying description of money, Ferguson plunges immediately into a discussion of the first known currency, electrum coins issued in Lydia, and, although he notes the shortcomings of electrum (a gold-silver alloy of unpredictable proportions), he hardly even takes up the question of why precious metals should have been made the basis for money except to note that "the value of precious metals is not absolute.
The ancient Greeks also used an alloy of gold and silver called electrum.
Instead of swapping for goods in kind, merchants were paid for their products and services with small coins of silver, gold or an alloy of the two, electrum.
Mena Distribucion Ganga Distribucion (%) (%) Oro electrum T Cuarzo 76,4 Pirita 0,86 Arcilla Limonitizada 1,72 Clorita 0,58 Muscovita 0,56 Turmalina T Mena Alte raciones Distribucion y oxidos (%) Oro electrum Hematita-Goethita 17,27 Pirita Magnetita 13f> Rutilo T T<0,5% Tabla II.