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an alloy of gold and silver

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The ancient Greeks also used an alloy of gold and silver called electrum.
Instead of swapping for goods in kind, merchants were paid for their products and services with small coins of silver, gold or an alloy of the two, electrum.
As at the date of the announcement, the largest single shareholder of TG is Electrum Strategic Exploration Limited ("Electrum") which has a 32% shareholding in TG.
Electrum Marketing, a US-based full-service marketing company, has announced launch of CIMA Insight, a mystery shopping and customer experience research and measurement company.
Among the 15 colours available are two new shades, the radiant Vibrant Copper and the more classic Electrum Gold.
Electrum Services in Leicester has been acquired from Wathes Group -Electrum Holdings - by the company's management team led by managing director Simon Jones, operations director Steve McKeown and finance director Reg Francis.
Most tombs were robbed, primarily for valuables, a condition that should not obscure the importance of gold and electrum objects as awards.
Electrum is an alloy of silver and gold, brighter and stronger than its separated elements.
Propter quod contined Scriptura: "Ecce pono in Sion lapidem angularem, electrum, pretiosum; et, qui credit in eo, non confundetur".
The coins are displayed in color with physical, contextual and pricing information in chronological order, beginning with Ionia Electrum Stater from about 650 B.
Some Indian scholars, in the course of the deep study of their own traditions such as the RigVeda, have suggested that the soma itself was the metal electrum, which is a gold and silver alloy.
The oldest coin in the world is thought to be 1/6 stater made of electrum discovered in Efesos, an ancient Hellenic city and prosperous trading centre on the coast of Asia Minor (Porteous, 1980).
The various expeditions assigned to study the Dhayah Fort have discovered many pieces of jewellery, including items made from electrum (a natural mixture of gold and silver).
Gold Crest Mines announced that it has signed a joint-venture agreement with Electrum Ltd.
paiutus, by having the entire dorsal surface of the body covered with golden-silver scales, giving the impression of being cast from electrum.