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concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity


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6) Dynamic pull-in instability of electrostatically actuated beams incorporating Casimir and van der Waals forces
Starting with a patented, precision-shaped ceramic abrasive grain, 3M engineers found a way to electrostatically orient each triangular structure to maximize cutting potential.
Simco-Ion's new MCM-30 compact and lightweight electrostatic charging generator supplies high-voltage for a variety of charging bars and charging applicators used to electrostatically bond various types of materials.
Electrostatically spun fibers and nonwoven webs have very high surface areas and can be formed from many polymers and composites.
All of these can be configured to apply the paint electrostatically.
Some specific topics detailed include design and fabrication of novel compliant electrostatically actuated microvalves, enabling low temperature copper bonding with an organic monolayer, a photonic MEMS polarization switch, and photothermal techniques for materials characterization and live cell monitoring.
The process of electrostatically spraying particles on the tool has been called the "Holy Grail" of coatings by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine.
Because this is a low-volume application, the labels are placed by hand in the press and are electrostatically charged so they stick to the mold.
Another electrode lying next to it, also at a positive voltage, electrostatically repelled the naked nanotube, pushing it
Fast forward to last May when Olivia Ong '07 showcased a dress she designed that was treated with electrostatically charged nanoparticles to prevent colds and flu and a jacket that can destroy noxious gases.
The Cloud Cover system sits over a chain link grill and, when the food, such as fish or vegetables, passes along the vibratory belt, the flavourings and coatings are electrostatically applied from above and below, ensuring they adhere automatically to all the product surfaces.
Ion generators charge the particles in the air electrostatically.
The AD Line offers machines from 20 lbs to 670 lbs that are impressively built with a plethora of advantages, including axial or radial airflow, front serviceability, space-saving footprints, easy-to-clean stainless steel lint drawers, rugged steel doors with gasketless door glass, electrostatically powder-painted cabinets, and permanently lubricated bearings.
The valve body is coated with an electrostatically applied thermoset polyester coating to ensure long life.
Airborne particles are electrostatically charged by the device, which makes them attracted to grounded surfaces, in this case, a metal plate or an agar dish," says Mitchell.