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concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity


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Experts in manipulating nanoparticles for biosensing, Rotello and colleagues had already developed a bacterial sensor based on enzymes tethered to gold nanoparticles that remain electrostatically linked in the absence of bacteria but release when it is present, turning the water or solution red.
4) Static pull-in analysis of electrostatically actuated micro beams using homotopy perturbation method
A hybrid capacitor is the combination of two electrodes, one that stores charge electrostatically, and the other storing charge faradaically.
This change triggers the reduction of reporter ions electrostatically associated with the DNA strands, creating an electric current that can be measured.
Washington, August 31 ( ANI ): Purdue University researchers have created a tiny mechanical device, an electrostatically actuated nanoresonator, that could help cell phone users avoid the nuisance of dropped calls and slow downloads.
Nylon fibers are electrostatically attached to plastics, lending dimension and realism previously unheard of, and certainly unseen afield until recently.
A latch on the stop locks, which is zinc die-cast, with black or red electrostatically applied powder coat textured finish.
Starting with a patented, precision-shaped ceramic abrasive grain, 3M engineers found a way to electrostatically orient each triangular structure to maximize cutting potential.
Simco-Ion's new MCM-30 compact and lightweight electrostatic charging generator supplies high-voltage for a variety of charging bars and charging applicators used to electrostatically bond various types of materials.
One promising idea, put forward last year by Ian Garrick-Bethell (University of California, Santa Cruz) and two colleagues at Brown University, takes a different tack: the swirls are continually brightened with replenished toppings of very fine dust, levitated electrostatically from elsewhere.
Electrostatically spun fibers and nonwoven webs have very high surface areas and can be formed from many polymers and composites.
Some specific topics detailed include design and fabrication of novel compliant electrostatically actuated microvalves, enabling low temperature copper bonding with an organic monolayer, a photonic MEMS polarization switch, and photothermal techniques for materials characterization and live cell monitoring.
The process of electrostatically spraying particles on the tool has been called the "Holy Grail" of coatings by Cutting Tool Engineering magazine.
Another electrode lying next to it, also at a positive voltage, electrostatically repelled the naked nanotube, pushing it