electrostatic precipitation

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a process that removes suspended dust particles from a gas by applying a high voltage electrostatic charge to the particles and collecting them on charged plates

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Numerous papers on electrostatic precipitation phenomena exist ranging from the experimental and theoretical investigation electrical characteristics, in the past, to the complex numerical models of ESP's developed during last decade.
Results showed that poultry PM was easier to capture by electrostatic precipitation compared to standard fine road dust.
industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in manufacturing stationary air purification equipment, such as industrial dust and fume collection equipment, electrostatic precipitation equipment, warm air furnace filters, air washers, and other dust collection equipment.
Types of Air Purifiers II-23 Stand-Alone Purification Equipment II-23 Media Combination Based Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment II-24 Electrostatic Precipitation Based Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment (ESP) II-24 Plasma-Based Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment II-24 Other Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment II-24 End-Use II-25
In the first phase, two air cleaners were evaluated for their single-pass filtration efficiency, one based on the high-efficiency particulate absorbing (HEPA) filtration mechanism and one using electrostatic precipitation (ESP).
As such, the electrostatic precipitation and flue gas desulphurization markets will offer the most potential for the future, followed closely by bag filters, and scrubbers.
The major products analyzed under the Product By Technology segment are Stand-Alone Air Purification Equipment (Media Combinations, Electrostatic Precipitation (ESP), Plasma, & Others); and Induct Air Purification Equipment (Media Combinations, Ultra Violet, Electrostatic recipitation (ESP), Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO), & Others).
Some air cleaners use processes called ionization and/or electrostatic precipitation to charge the particulates passing through the machine and collect charged particles on metal plates.
of Wind Gap to develop a process using electrostatic precipitation to separate fiberglass byproducts from carbon black particles.
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