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Synonyms for plotter

Synonyms for plotter

a planner who draws up a personal scheme of action

a clerk who marks data on a chart


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an instrument (usually driven by a computer) for drawing graphs or pictures

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The toner disposal program, which applies to used liquid toner from Versatec electrostatic plotters, is available now.
RIPs, which are used in page printers, phototypesetters, and electrostatic plotters, identify each dot on a page, either leaving the dot blank or filling it in.
This interface connects the Oce 9500-S to environments such as Intergraph CAD sites, allowing CAD departments to seamlessly replace old electrostatic plotters.
Available only on an OEM basis, ScriptWorks MicroRIP enables printer manufacturers to package a high performance software interpreter with a wide variety of low resolution color or monochrome output devices, including laser printers, dye sublimation printers, digital color copiers and printers, and large format color electrostatic plotters and ink jet printers.
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