electrostatic field

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electric field associated with static electric charges

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The subject matter of the public tender is the purchase of 2 sensors of atmospheric electrostatic field, including transport to the headquarters of the contracting authority.
vestrant, adenosine, pulsed electrostatic field, and estradiol valerate are ineffective.
This phenomenon can be explained so that increase in voltage leads to a strengthening of electrostatic field and accelerating of the coagulation particles or drops of glycerin in biodiesel- glycerin mixture.
Trek's Model 511 Electrostatic Field Meter is a user-friendly, portable, chopper stabilized, non-contacting electrostatic field meter designed for measuring and auditing electrostatic fields in ESD-sensitive areas in order to avoid/prevent electrostatic problems.
For example, if the insulators in the environment are not producing electrostatic fields, why purchase ionizers to solve a problem that doesn't exist?
The topics include dyeing properties of natural food pigments on cotton fabric, the effect of cellulase hydrolysis on dyeing properties of linen, applying vitamin E microcapsules to textiles, the technique and effect of a wash-and-wear finish on bast fabric, synthesizing a flame retardant containing nitrogen-phosphor and its application to silk fabric, the advance treatment of textile wastewater for reuse by ozonation-biological and membrane processes, the effect of a high-voltage electrostatic field on water performance, and the enzymatic preparation of nanocrystalline cellulose from bamboo fibers.
The company's most recent acquisitions, namely the 4 column hydraulic press - 200 tf, the hydraulic guillotine, the installation for painting in electrostatic field, and the cutter plotter are also included in the website together with the works portfolio and the certifications obtained.
A dielectric is a nonconducting substance which can support an electrostatic field without dissipating much heat.
Under the influence of a high electrostatic field, electrons can be emitted from a tungsten tips surface into electrolyte.
This process involves the application of a strong electrostatic field between a capillary, connected to a tank containing a polymer solution, and a grounded collector (11).
This is because the electrostatic field strength achieves the maximum value near the corona electrode and decreases with an increase of the distance from it.
As each electron passes, its electrostatic field moves charges inside the plate.
The residues identified as critical for binding with actin are located in the positive groove of the electrostatic field of LDH (Figure 1).
An electrostatic field meter measures the time for the voltage on the plaques to decay to either 10% or 1% of the applied voltage.
An electrostatic field is created from the music signal, which moves the charged diaphragm, and this causes it to track with the music.
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