electrostatic charge

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the electric charge at rest on the surface of an insulated body (which establishes and adjacent electrostatic field)

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Insulators may be able to hold on to electrostatic charge for long periods of time unless acted upon by outside influences.
The copper foil behind the LCD has the function of capacitance, the electrostatic charge on it would discharge and make damage under certain condition, so how to treat with protecting copper foil plays important role for all electronic product with the LCD.
There are several methods suggested for countering the electrostatic charge generation in fluidized beds (Hendrickson, 2006).
Process is solvent-free because electrostatic charge is used to deposit powder.
The actual air serves merely as a carrier medium for the ions that produce a controlled neutralization of the electrostatic charge, so that any particles clinging to the inside walls of the bottles can be removed without difficulty.
3] ohms in as-molded components, meets the requirements of the Federal Test Method for Electrostatic Properties of Materials and the SAE J1645 Fuel System Electrostatic Charge Standard.
Since the initial studies in the early 1990s, Mitchell has found in new lab studies that the electrostatic charge seems to show a strong sterilizing effect on both airborne and surface Salmonella and other pathogenic bacteria.
One question often asked is: Does my process generate an electrostatic charge and if so, how much?
By imparting a negative electrostatic charge to loosened dirt, they prevent it from redepositing back onto other items in the wash.
Plastic in powder form is then applied to the various metal parts by means of an electrostatic charge that causes the powder to adhere to the surface.
The Sandia coagulant attracts and binds contaminants so well because it maintains its electrostatic charge more reliably than conventional coagulants made without gallium, itself a harmless addition.
Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)--Sources of Electrostatic Charge in a Production Line (SMT)"
They found that the electrostatic charge is concentrated at the tube ends.
Originally designed to trap dust and microorganisms in poultry areas, the system transfers a strong negative electrostatic charge to airborne particles and collects them on grounded plates or other surfaces.
While there is no substantial chemical exposure, these rollers must be highly abrasion resistant, able to withstand high temperatures, and in most modern machines, be electrically conductive to accommodate a high voltage electrostatic charge which is used to assist thorough ink transfer from the cylinder to the paper.
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