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concerned with or producing or caused by static electricity


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Of course, there are advantage and disadvantages to speakers having such a small electrostatic panel.
Since the initial studies in the early 1990s, Mitchell has found that the electrostatic charge shows a strong sterilizing effect on both airborne and surface Salmonella and on other pathogenic bacteria.
Some HEPA filters capture small particles; most electrostatic systems report high efficiency levels at this range.
The electrostatic system has reduced Salmonella and other airborne pathogens by 80 to 95 percent in experimental and commercial hatching cabinets.
The system uses an electrostatic charge to trap airborne dust that harbors the organisms.
If the insulators in an environment are not producing electrostatic fields, why purchase ionizers to solve a non-existent problem?
The principle of electrostatic techniques has been a success in various branches of industry for many years, and now, through the development by EFS of appropriate equipment in the food industry, where hygiene and quality control are major considerations.
Electrostatic discharge can cause degradation to the circuit patterns on photomasks, leading to device failure.
You have to keep in mind that there are not very many woodworking shops using electrostatic.
While there are other electrostatic speakers in the market, Zimmermann said his company's product is different.
The market for electrostatic nonwovens (electrically charged nonwovens) as filter media has been experiencing rapid growth in Japan recently.
The electrostatic precipitator market by technology (dry type and wet type), by end user (power generation, cement, mining, pulp and paper, and others), and by geography (Americas, APAC, and EMEA) 2015 - 2019 report says electrostatic precipitators are mainly used in coal-fired plants to remove the ash particles from flue gases.
Contract notice: Modernization of the electrostatic precipitator 11 in pke sa - branch power plant in laziska upper.
Scientists at the University of Arkansas wanted to see if an electrostatic spray consisting of tartaric (TA) and malic (MA) acids and grape seed extract (GSE) would be a good intervention technology for controlling the bacteria in spinach.