electroshock therapy

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the administration of a strong electric current that passes through the brain to induce convulsions and coma

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She's had electroshock therapy and been prescribed many neuroleptic drugs and anti-depressants.
Through the middle decades of the 20th century gays were routinely pressured to convert to heterosexuality, whether through psychoanalysis, electroshock therapy, lobotomies, or even castration.
5) In the United States by the early 1940s there were three major treatments for patients with schizophrenia: insulin coma therapy, Metrazol, and electroshock therapy.
In his book, he describes all major drugs now used for depression and their effects, as well as electroshock therapy, surgery, and numerous alternative treatments and his experiences with some of them, including a rather disgusting native ceremony he underwent in Senegal.
Along the way he is given medications and even endures electroshock therapy (ECT).
Electroshock therapy helps Joanna and Walter to re-examine their priorities and they flee the bustle of Manhattan for the leafy New England community of Stepford, Connecticut, founded by the charismatic Mike Wellington (Walken) and his perky wife Claire (Close).
Until the 1973 edition of the DSM, homosexuality was such a "disorder," justifying electroshock therapy for queer kids in the 1950s and early '60s; it did not entirely recover from its illness until the 1986 edition.
Awaiting electroshock therapy, Edvard Munch, painter of The Scream, begins to narrate a series of broken fragments.
In a word, like electroshock therapy, the grisly discussion over partial-birth abortion unclouded the minds of many Americans.
The Zomba lunatic asylum in Nyasaland only became a "mental hospital" administered by the Medical Department in 1951, and even this reform was superficial: with no resident psychiatrist, an untrained staff employed psychosurgery, electroshock therapy, and psychoactive drugs more for purposes of control than for treatment.
Army court-martial in 1944 and his killing of a German soldier, weaving this and other biographical information into Hemingway's six-year fictional silence and his ultimate paranoia, depression, electroshock therapy, and suicide.
Reed, during his teenage years, was sent to a psychiatric hospital for 24 bouts of electroshock therapy - ever since then he's been firing bolts right back at society.
I was offered aversion therapy - where you take something to make you vomit while looking at pictures of yourself dressed as a woman - electroshock therapy, having part of my brain removed, or a sex change operation.
This 1972 Democratic nominee for Vice President had to quit the race when the world learned he had been treated for depression with electroshock therapy.
It was also a time when legitimate physicians were engaged in dealing with the agonies of depression by the use of electroshock therapy.