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the administration of a strong electric current that passes through the brain to induce convulsions and coma

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By the 1940s, the devastating effects of electroshock were undeniable.
Next in the study, eight of the depressed patients volunteered to receive a series of electroshock treatments, which are also called electroconvulsive therapy.
Nantenine proved to be effective in inhibiting tonic component of pentylenetetrazol-induced and maximal electroshock seizures.
It's easy to dismiss the critiques offered by Deutsch, Ken Kesey, and other such writers as irrelevant to contemporary psychiatry, which presumably has advanced beyond the primitive techniques they attacked (although electroshock has been making a comeback lately).
Relocated to a plexiglass cell in Nathan's lab and dubbed Puff, the wild fellow is gradually civilized with the aid of an electroshock collar and Nathan's flirty, fake French assistant Gabrielle (Miranda Otto).
Wandering this dusty little treasure-house, the awestruck visitor finds herself in nature's electroshock room, with nothing to bite down on.
And Chuck Conaway, the way-impressive guy who is administering electroshock therapy to the place, professes to have a different strategy in mind, one that positions Kmart as a customer-friendly alternative to the big bully from Bentonville.
Government itself is a big user of stun devices, especially stun guns, electroshock batons, and electric shields.
Rife with sacrifices and spells, split-open viscera and sexual horror shows, green goo and intrabody Ubu-morphing, these fictions don't so much steal as break the rules while proving again that Webb has more electroshock inventiveness in his left toenail than most writers have in their entire cosmos.
His opinion of the procedure is that "the comeback of the electroshock is the easiest and fastest way for psychiatrists and psychiatric hospitals to make more money.
Also, it didn't help matters that McGovern's choice for vice president, Missouri Senator Tom Eagleton, was later revealed to have received electroshock therapy for clinical depression, forcing McGovern to finally abandon Eagleton after vowing publicly to stick by him.
The neuroscientists hoped to disrupt this reconsolidation process by using ECT, also known as electroshock therapy.
An officer placed a Taser to Wright's back, and Wright allegedly reacted by reaching around and pushing the gun away, which caused the electroshock device to come into contact with officer Ryan Stone's leg.
Electroshock, insulin, and metrazol therapies, as well as the use of chlorpromazine and its derivatives, created a therapeutic environment that was no longer necessarily based in the hospital.
Among the chapter topics are psychosocial and environmental formulations, monoaminergic-based pharmacotherapy, pyschobiology of electroshock, depression and suicidality in children and adolescents, the biology and genetics of suicidality, depression in the context of cancer, stress system dysregulation, neuroimmune mediators, Borna disease virus, animal models, and depression and heart disease.