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measuring instrument that detects electric charge

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As well as magnets and compasses and a magnetometer to measure the Earth's magnetic field, we had Geiger counters and an electroscope to measure cosmic rays.
His electroscopes recorded three times as many charged particles at an altitude of 4,500 meters as they had on the ground, demonstrating that these particles come from the sky.
What better strategy than to invite Compton and Millikan to put their competing electroscopes in a new gondola and balloon, this time made in America, and send it up, hoping for a new high altitude record and for cosmic ray measurements that would resolve the famous debate?
The resin provides good optical properties, mechanical stability, and ability to be imaged with scanning electroscopes.
An Austrian physicist, Victor Franz Hess (1883-1964), felt that the source must be somewhere in the ground, so in 1911 he took electroscopes up on balloon flights to get them out of range of the ground radiation.