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measuring instrument that detects electric charge

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We used a device called an electroscope to demonstrate how physicist Victor Hess discovered cosmic rays in 1912, work for which he won the Nobel Prize.
What better strategy than to invite Compton and Millikan to put their competing electroscopes in a new gondola and balloon, this time made in America, and send it up, hoping for a new high altitude record and for cosmic ray measurements that would resolve the famous debate?
The KFM, basically an electroscope, is made from an aluminum can, aluminum foil, and nonconducting threads.
The photograph shows an electroscope installed in an airplane at the experimental flight station at Langley Field, Virginia.
Cranston, RI Electroscope, Boulder, CO Kirwan Surgical Products Inc.
One of Bellamy's most successful predictions is what he calls an electroscope.
which has been in the forefront of developing instruments for minimally invasive procedures, has chosen to specify a product from the line of QUESTRA* crystalline polymers from Dow Plastics[dagger] to form the body of its ElectroScope Suction Irrigation Electrode (SIE).
Similar electrostatic devices after Rene Just Hauy (1743-1822) and a cat's-hair electroscope were introduced for electrostatic experiments with minerals.
One way to detect the presence of energetic radiation is by the use of a gold-leaf electroscope.
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 6, 1997--A case seeking to be maintained as a class action has been filed in the United States District Court for the District of Minnesota on behalf of purchasers of Electroscope Inc.
Contract awarded for Electroscope, including 13 kinds of items purchased 30