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any artifact that has been plated with a thin coat of metal by electrolysis

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coat with metal by electrolysis

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Technological developments have enabled use of electroplating processes in several end-use applications, including corrosion protection, decorative purposes, engineering applications and electrical applications.
The new Solstice TSV configuration is one more example of what is making Solstice the preferred solution for electroplating on smaller wafers
Det Sgt Dean Jones, of Coventry Police, said: "The company tell us that the solution used for electroplating is extremely toxic; the thieves may not be aware of the danger it poses and the unsuspecting public need to be made aware in case the thieves try to sell the silver on.
Detective Sergeant Dean Jones, from Coventry's Acquisitive Crime Team, said: "The company tell us that the solution used for electroplating is extremely toxic.
Electroplating is primarily used for depositing a layer of material to bestow a desired property like corrosion protection.
This breakthrough was achieved at the Solar cell Lab, Kaneka Osaka, using heterojunction technology with Kaneka's copper electroplating technology, which is based on imec's state-of-the-art copper electroplating knowhow.
Here Multi-jet modeling (MJM), electroplating and milling are consecutively utilized to produce metal parts with complex internal structures.
The large central electroplating system that had become the industry norm is being replaced by a smaller, highly flexible unit, it explained.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Iranian researchers at Shiraz University managed to synthesize nano-structural nickel coatings to minimize the health hazards concerning people involved in electroplating industries, particularly the workers who are in contact with chromium electroplating bathes.
one of China's leading suppliers of water testing equipment for the electroplating effluent recycling industry.
which operates an electroplating facility at 15 Broad St.
And you just thought electroplating was for parts, well, larger than a billionth of a meter in size.
IF ONE THOUGHT that electroless copper and other metallization systems were complex, and the deep dark secrets of these systems were shrouded in black magic, this month's discussions on electroplating will seem like brain surgery.
Terry Henderson and wife Patricia were directors of Woodside Silver Studio Limited, an electroplating firm at Birmingham's Jewellery Quarter, the tribunal was told.