electronic warfare

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military action involving the use of electromagnetic energy to determine or exploit or reduce or prevent hostile use of the electromagnetic spectrum

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The Global Electronic Warfare Market Forecast: 2014 - 2024 forecast data model looks at the total electronic warfare (EW) sector comprising electronic attack (EA) and electronic warfare support (EWS) systems, and electronic protection (EP) support services.
Metova is honoured to have the opportunity to support this critical military effort for the ever growing threat in cyber security and electronic warfare, said Metova CEO John Adams.
Iran can stand against the Zionist regime through its electronic warfare technology, and this is an advantage of Iran's progress in electronic warfare," the retired general said.
Graduates will become subject matter experts in influencing non-lethal and lethal effects for tactical and operational operations, states a message to All Army Activities, or ALARACT, on Electronic Warfare Career Field Courses (on Army Knowledge Online at https://www.
Until the Army established the Electronic Warfare Division and began the training, the Navy was the only service with an ongoing electronic warfare program.
All of the former composite squadron EA-6As were sent to VMCJ-2, which became Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron (VMAQ) 2 on 1 July 1975.
The ECISAP is managed by SAF/IARW with the executive agent at WR-ALC, Electronic Warfare Directorate, International.
Information operations is an overarching term currently in vogue in DOD channels, electronic warfare is a major part of this effort and is crucial to future military operations.
A multi-year deal has been secured by Metova to support cyberspace and electronic warfare efforts for the US Army Cyber Battle Lab.
15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Metova, a technology services and app development company with expertise and extensive experience working with government entities, announced today a multi-year contract to support cyberspace and electronic warfare efforts for the U.
The wide ranges of threats like stealth aircrafts, GPS jamming, and RCIED that are currently present are driving factors for electronic warfare systems.
But the service plans to remedy that by creating a new electronic warfare career field for officers, warrant officers and enlisted members.
The tasks of Marine Aviation fall into six functional areas: offensive air support, antiair warfare, assault support, air reconnaissance, electronic warfare, and control of aircraft and missiles.
After adjustments to the antennas were made, the test team moved on to more than eight weeks of electronic warfare testing.
3 million re-compete contract to support the Tactical Electronic Warfare Division's Central Target Simulator at the U.
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