electronic transistor

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EMCORE's Electronic Materials Division provides foundry based production of high performance compound semiconductor electronic transistor materials, including pHEMT and HBT wafers, which are the foundation for high bandwidth communication systems such as Internet access and wireless communications.
Its electronic transistors switch on and off rapidly enough for high-speed computation.
Low current sensitivity, measurement flexibility, open architecture, and ease of use combine to make the Model 4200-SCS ideal for applications like I-V characterization of Single Electronic Transistors, molecular electronics and other nanodevices, and materials research.
Traductores electronicos Conventional electronic transistors range in price from $30 to more than $100, usually depending on how many words are in the dictionary.
This book/CD-ROM guide shows engineers how to take advantage of single- electronic transistors (SETs) in combination with CMOS technology, and provides a conceptual framework for CMOS-SET hybrid circuit design.
Compared with current RAM chips, which switch bits "on" using silicon-based electronic transistors, memory based on such mechanical switches might pack in similar amounts of data while producing only half as much heat, Amaratunga says.
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