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text that is in a form that computer can store or display on a computer screen

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Electronic text can be duplicated end lessly, easily edited, erased with the tap of a delete key, or sent around the world in microseconds.
These students were taught by 27 faculty who shifted 50 course sections from printed textbooks to electronic texts.
Such old-fashioned readers are sternly reminded that electronic text also has its own unique materiality, even if no one seems to know exactly what those materials are.
It is worthwhile to mention that cybertext is not limited to electronic text per se, but as Aarseth stated "cybertext is a 'perspective' on all forms of textuality" (18).
Today's digital books are multimedia documents; content includes electronic text and recorded files.
Libraries in the United States and Canada purchase subscription services for electronic text and digital services for journal articles and encyclopedias.
Above all David Kasran demonstrates in Shakespeare and the Book that Shakespeare's authentic presence has been as elusive in print or in electronic text as it has been in performance.
0 uses a multisensory approach, presenting printed or electronic text on the computer screen with added visual and audible accessibility.
It is probably based on information providers realizing that it's much, much easier to illegally replicate multiple copies of a slab of electronic text than a ditto of printed text -- or images for that matter.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently introduced an e-book reader for the blind that translates electronic text into Braille.
If enough electronic text documents exist, Instant Text reportedly easily compiles a glossary of the user's own words.
The launch of 'Riding the Bullet', the novella by Stephen King that was recently published as an electronic text only, was reportedly too rushed and some important security features were not included.
The archive is small, with a little less than 700 items, but it provides a number of interactive services that distinguish it from other electronic text catalogs across the Net.
We are building a large electronic text, image, and multimedia information system incorporating hundreds of journals, books, and supplements.
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