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text that is in a form that computer can store or display on a computer screen

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Electronic text (image files) for people with visual impairments that can use PDF documents to enlarge the print or manipulate the image on a computer screen
Purchasing: The Electronic Text Centre will formulate a collection development policy to control the selection of full-text databases.
Learners can read and listen to electronic text in various formats, including PDF and Word files.
Each has potentially important implications for the success of this service and of similar electronic text centers in other libraries.
These installations will give students access to a PC, projector, interactive board and electronic text.
So finally we are brought to ask about the purposes and applications of electronic text resources.
The launch of 'Riding the Bullet', the novella by Stephen King that was recently published as an electronic text only, was reportedly too rushed and some important security features were not included.
The National Institute of Standards and Technology recently introduced an e-book reader for the blind that translates electronic text into Braille.
Indeed, the ability to conduct wildcard, Boolean, and proximity searches makes it possible to search the electronic text in ways that were impossible with the printed version.
It is probably based on information providers realizing that it's much, much easier to illegally replicate multiple copies of a slab of electronic text than a ditto of printed text -- or images for that matter.
The team that developed the tactile graphic display also created the electronic Braille reader, which renders electronic text, such as books and e-mail, into Braille characters, then displays the information on a rotating wheel.
Above all David Kasran demonstrates in Shakespeare and the Book that Shakespeare's authentic presence has been as elusive in print or in electronic text as it has been in performance.
You will communicate and negotiate with payers and patients to obtain all the funds rightfully owed to the practice via electronic text and voice mail from your workstation on your office network.
SAS Text Analytics is helping organizations uncover critical insights they can act on by applying linguistic rules and statistical methods to automatically assess and analyze electronic text in social media content, call center logs, survey data, emails, loan applications, service notes, insurance or warranty claims and more.
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