electronic surveillance

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surveillance by electronic means (e

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Warrantless electronic surveillance on 'foreign entities' outside the Philippines would require the authorization of the secretary of justice and the director general of the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency.
The backpack electronic surveillance system will comprise assault back-packs designed by Diggerworks and transport and storage systems provided by Trimcast
Absent the interpretation required by section 105A, two of the four definitions of "electronic surveillance" under section 101(f) of FISA, by their terms, appear to be broad enough to encompass electronic surveillance directed at a person abroad where the communications involved transcend U.
No one doubts the need for electronic surveillance of terrorist suspects' communications and financial transactions.
The White House, in its support of President Bush's decision to conduct electronic surveillance of Americans, has cited
The FBI's Electronic Surveillance Technology Section (ESTS) has developed a carrier contacts database to provide this information to the law enforcement community.
Their commentaries address the United States Code sections most relevant to wire taps, electronic surveillance, and security in general.
From five vantage points--human agents on the ground, signal intelligence involving decryption of messages, electronic surveillance, misinformation and double agents, and airborne surveillance--Owen details all aspects of intelligence and information-gathering techniques employed during the past 100 years.
7, the new service includes news and analysis on privacy and security developments related to: financial privacy, medical privacy, employment issues, online marketing and advertising, infrastructure protection, network security and electronic surveillance laws.
Christie will remain under electronic surveillance at his home in Ventura.
Smart Watchers -- A new generation of super-sensitive satellite and video-networked electronic surveillance -- will be everywhere.
Such electronic surveillance can affect the performance of monitored employees.
She correctly observes that court-ordered electronic surveillance is statutorily authorized only when other investigative techniques have been tried and have failed or are too dangerous.
com/research/204ae5/global_electronic) has announced the addition of the "Global Electronic Surveillance Market 2009-2013" report to their offering.
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