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a signal generated by electronic means

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The data from each sensor is evaluated independently, and if it is determined to deviate from programmed standards of safe vehicle behavior by a certain predetermined degree, an electronic signal is sent to the airbag inflator, which causes the airbag to inflate.
LeCroy President and Chief Executive Officer Tom Reslewic and Chief Financial Officer Raymond Kunzmann will discuss plans to leverage the Company's technology advantage in WaveShape Analysis - the acquisition and analysis of complex electronic signals - into state-of- the-art products for the billion-dollar oscilloscope market.
Despite the equipment problem, the craft could still receive electronic signal critical to maintaining its proper orbit around Venus, Okerson notes.
The DEEPWAVE(R) system uses a patented percutaneous electrode array (PEA) to facilitate delivery of electronic signals through the skin and into deep tissue encompassing the pain site, thereby blocking the transmission of chronic, acute or post-operative musculoskeletal pain.
The true output is the electronic signal, which is converted using a photodiode from the optical signal.
The receiver portion of the transponder performs the reverse function, accepting a single OC-48/STM-16 optical signal and providing back sixteen OC-3/STM-1 electronic signals at the output.
IBM was the first semiconductor manufacturer to perfect a technique for building chips with a true low-k dielectric material which better insulates copper wiring, helping electronic signals move faster and more efficiently through a chip.
Familiar and strange acoustic instruments poke out from a thicket of electronic signals and bustling digitalia.
The XBT converts the optical image of the flashing beacon to electronic signals that are subsequently processed by the internal computer.
The idea is to use the concrete structure itself to manipulate electronic signals," Chung says.
The company, which employs more than 400 people, makes fiber-optic subsystems and modules that convert electronic signals into optical signals and back to electronic signals, thus enabling high-speed communication of voice and data traffic over fiber-optic networks.
LeCroy Corporation is a worldwide leader in serial data test solutions, creating advanced instruments that drive product innovation by quickly measuring, analyzing, and verifying complex electronic signals.
It works by detecting and analyzing electronic signals emitted from these weapons, modifying the signals, and then sending back a signal that instructs the incoming round to self-destruct in midair.
Converting electronic signals into light waves, however, requires bulky, relatively high-voltage equipment, making fibers impractical for replacing wires within a computer.
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