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a radio receiver that moves automatically across some selected range of frequencies looking for some signal or condition


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Pets can be identified permanently by your vet, using a tiny microchip that is injected under the skin, giving a unique number that can be read by an electronic scanner.
If a price needs to be changed on the shelf, it is changed through an electronic scanner connected to a laptop computer, which updates the price in inventory and the price at the cash register simultaneously.
Patrons place their library cards and each book on an electronic scanner that reads each bar code, records the transaction, and prints out a "date due" slip.
All you need is a personal computer (or laptop) and the electronic scanner, which works much like a fax machine.
Even before USA Today and the electronic scanner, Maddox said the press and pressmen were able to deliver good color.
Using an electronic scanner, they could discern the slight shifts in position, relative to a fixed background of distant galaxies, of 250 LMC stars during those 15 years.
The IRA statement accused prison chiefs of reneging on a deal reached in August 2010 which prisoners claim hasn't been fully implemented and would end the need for strip searching with the introduction of an electronic scanner.
Like time, this approach seems eminently reasonable, and it does have the advantage that counting items is less subjective and is done automatically by the electronic scanner at checkout," notes Sorensen.
This is done by scanning the finger or thumb with a non-evasive electronic scanner, which passes light over the finger or thumb.
The Home Office's Identity and Passport Service (IPS) has already issued four million of the new "ePassports", which store the holder's photograph and biographical information which can be then read by an electronic scanner at border control.
The Los Angeles City Council approved a program Wednesday to install microchips in the necks of all dogs and cats adopted from city animal shelters so that if they are later picked up as strays, they can be easily identified with an electronic scanner.
Shelter workers could then use an electronic scanner, much like a supermarket price scanner, to call up the name, address and phone number of the owner of lost pets.
The London borough of Newham trialled the electronic scanner checks, but the cost of the process raised questions about "value for money", the commission found.
It is among 11 chosen to count votes electronically, so while voters in the borough will still use polling booths on May 2 this year, ballot papers will be put through an electronic scanner which will count every vote.
First, they steal the phone number, most often by using an electronic scanner to read a phone's serial number and phone number.
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