electronic reconnaissance

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the detection and identification and evaluation and location of foreign electromagnetic radiations (other than radioactive)

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Further, the RB--47H was not a Silverking aircraft as stated, rather that was a modification to the electronic reconnaissance suit of the H-model providing improved recording capability among other things.
I flew on nine combat missions while in India, always conducting electronic reconnaissance while our B-29s were bombing, laying mines, or conducting photoreconnaissance.
Project HELIX is a major mission system upgrade to the capabilities of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Nimrod R1 electronic reconnaissance aircraft fleet.
Upon completion of the course, Matt Slavin, a fellow officer, and I were volunteered to do aerial electronic reconnaissance in the Mediterranean Sea area.
BAE Systems joins L-3's other partners who include QinetiQ, which provides electronic reconnaissance technologies and LogicaCMG, which provides ground systems, information management and security services and technologies.
We performed electronic reconnaissance of the southern portion of North Vietnam.
Project Helix is a multi-stage acquisition of an upgraded mission suite for the Nimrod R1 electronic reconnaissance system.
That was a technical way of saying that submarine missions had almost reduced to only two: electronic reconnaissance and cruise-missile attacks against land targets.
From 1943 to 1945 Fubini was a research associate at the Harvard University Radio Research Laboratory and also served as a scientific consultant for the US military in the European Theater of operations, where he participated in the establishment of electronic reconnaissance and countermeasures capabilities.
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