electronic reconnaissance

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the detection and identification and evaluation and location of foreign electromagnetic radiations (other than radioactive)

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Waddington now fulfills two main roles in the RAF, that of electronic reconnaissance, carried out by the 3 Nimrod R1s of 51 Squadron, and Airborne Early Warning, provided by the 6 Sentry AEW1s of Nos 8 Squadron and 23 Squadrons.
Further, the RB--47H was not a Silverking aircraft as stated, rather that was a modification to the electronic reconnaissance suit of the H-model providing improved recording capability among other things.
Using the batteries, electronic reconnaissance can be conducted from military ground vehicles while noisy engines are off, thus helping avoid detection by the enemy while saving fuel.
The Nimrod R is the RAF electronic reconnaissance aircraft that examines routine radio and radar emissions and provides electronic combat support to military commanders.
Project HELIX is a major mission system upgrade to the capabilities of the Royal Air Force (RAF) Nimrod R1 electronic reconnaissance aircraft fleet.
BAE Systems joins L-3's other partners who include QinetiQ, which provides electronic reconnaissance technologies and LogicaCMG, which provides ground systems, information management and security services and technologies.
Navy's Fleet and Industrial Supply Center at Long Beach, California has issued a modification to a contract for the Marine Corps Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System (TERPES) and other Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System (MAGIS) programs increasing Comptek's contract value by $3.
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