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(music) an electronic simulation of a pipe organ

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Everyone's favourite electronic organ is back with a vengeance to unleash its retro wackiness and unique sounds on a new generation.
There is a contest between pipe and electronic organ on Monday, September 21, a Spanish guitar recital by Jonathan Richards on Tuesday, a cello and piano duo of Edward Furse and Craig White on Wednesday and on Friday piano duettists Helen and Harvey Davies.
Wang Xinglin, 59, recently unveiled his ability to play multifarious instruments by playing 24 instruments, including the Chinese clarinet, electronic organ, the drum and gong at a folk art festival in Handan, Hebei province, for hundreds of spectators, reports the China Daily.
STAFF at a Merseyside charity shop got more than they bargained for when a pensioner donated an old electronic organ to the cause.
However this miniature electronic organ was actually made by a firm called Dubreq.
Quick fade to a Rasputin-like figure swathed in red light (reminiscent of Yves Bonnefoy's "The place of the dead/ May be a fold in red cloth"), who seems to be playing a primitive electronic organ or Theremin, the Russian inventor of which was himself dealt a double fate or foil as both capitalist inventor and Soviet undercover agent.
The cult 1970s electronic organ as played by Rolf Harris and used in David Bowie's Space Oddity is back
With an ominous electronic organ sound, the track started playing on the Windows Media Player before it was cut by the dolente chords of an acoustic accompanied by Bakij's voice that reminded a person of Scorpions ' front man Klaus Meine.
UNOS is working on a substantial upgrade to its electronic organ matching system to pinpoint which programs want to receive certain organ offers based on certain donor characteristics.
Major Morgan The Electronic Organ let you play tunes by inserting miniature sheets of music and tapping letters on a keypad2.
A tall slender blond boy dressed in metallic space gear tapped out a scale repeatedly on a toy electronic organ.
He was MD of the firm that made the Stylophone, the pocket electronic organ that symbolises the 60s and helped make Rolf Harris a household name (Burt and Veronica now make the most astonishing Bonsai trees).
I think almost any pipe organ is special these days, as opposed to the sound of an electronic organ, heard mostly today.
The electronic organ proposed by the minister has speakers 8ft tall and 2ft square?
In addition to the piano, electronic organ, and percussion instruments, a variety of other instruments were added.
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