electronic messaging

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the sending and processing of e-mail by computer

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Helpdesk services for businesses and Customs- and Excise in the context of electronic messaging and EHF invoice.
But, as with any form of information management, the first step must be to establish a policy that covers employee usage of electronic messaging mediums as well as the storage of messages.
However, electronic messaging represents an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.
Using electronic messaging technology, conference organizers are finding that some of the biggest barriers to global communication-distance, language, and time-are less difficult to overcome than they used to be.
Giler, CEO of Groove Mobile, brings 25 years of information technology experience, including deep domain expertise in the electronic messaging market, while Mr.
In related news, event organizer The Golden Group announced the show will offer an integrated electronic messaging system allowing registered attendees to communicate via a social network before, during and after the event, compliments of Motorola.
LONDON -- The Bank of New York today announced that it has been granted a patent in the United Kingdom for a two-way electronic messaging interface model that facilitates communication between investment managers and their custodian banks.
Orchestria Corporation, the global leader in the fast-emerging active policy management (APM) software market, will demonstrate its electronic messaging compliance solution for the Bloomberg(R) platform at the SIA Compliance and Legal Division Annual Seminar in early April.
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