electronic messaging

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the sending and processing of e-mail by computer

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Helpdesk services for businesses and Customs- and Excise in the context of electronic messaging and EHF invoice.
But, as with any form of information management, the first step must be to establish a policy that covers employee usage of electronic messaging mediums as well as the storage of messages.
However, electronic messaging represents an opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition.
EMA is a trade association that champions secure global electronic commerce through programs that support members' use and development of electronic messaging products like e-mail, computer facsimile, voice mail and electronic data interchange.
Since 1987, TIE has used a global electronic messaging system called GeoNet to maintain communication between its own offices and with other groups.
Giler built the company into a leading supplier of advanced hardware and software products for system vendors and service providers in the electronic messaging market.
Accordance's Intermail Messaging Engine is a true client-server electronic messaging solution.
In response to a networking need voiced by previous attendees, ISPCON launched ISPCONNECT--an electronic messaging system hosted by Motorola that enables ISPCON attendees, press, speakers, exhibitors and show management to communicate with one another before, during and after the ISPCON event.
Our customers tell us that electronic messaging is a critical business issue," said Folsom.
COMMERCE:Links enables users of Sterling's COMMERCE:Network to integrate transmission of machine-readable, electronic data interchange (EDT) transmissions, like purchase orders, with electronic messaging applications, such as e-mail messages or CAD/CAM drawings.
Electronic messaging technology helps BNY SmartSource assume the middle- and back-office responsibilities from the investment managers, thereby enabling investment managers to focus on their core business.
CompLink manufactures and sells an array of software based electronic messaging products aimed at the large and mid-sized corporate user.
Orchestria Corporation, the global leader in the fast-emerging active policy management (APM) software market, will demonstrate its electronic messaging compliance solution for the Bloomberg(R) platform at the SIA Compliance and Legal Division Annual Seminar in early April.
The service expansion, announced at the Electronic Messaging Association's (EMA) 1994 trade show in Anaheim, enables Internet users to send important electronic mail messages to any valid facsimile, telex, postal or courier address worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at standard MCI Mail rates.
FrontBridge Technologies is the leader in Total Message Management, delivering comprehensive managed services for the compliance, continuity and security of electronic messaging.
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