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(computer science) a system of world-wide electronic communication in which a computer user can compose a message at one terminal that can be regenerated at the recipient's terminal when the recipient logs in

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Using electronic mail for data collection in organizational research.
This new GRS 20 allowed the deletion of electronic versions of records created on word processing and electronic mail systems once a recordkeeping copy was made and transferred into a recordkeeping system -- be that paper or electronic (U.
In some electronic mail applications, clicking on a "live" universal resource locator (URL) link inside a mail message launches a web browser and takes the user directly to the indicated resource.
For more information about InterOFFICE Message Exchange, contact Jeanne Gorman at 617-482-9898 or by electronic mail at jkg@redsox.
K says confidently: Via electronic mail I have: Broken through company levels to tap the best ideas.
Cavanagh, executive director of the Electronic Mail Association, Arlington, Va.
While facsimile machines accomplish the same thing, global electronic mail messages are already electronically formatted.
Perhaps because electronic mail is so easy to use and so convenient for those in the know, the number of messages exchanged can become overwhelming.
Electronic mail is provided as part of a network (either through the operating system or special electronic mail software) or as a paid commercial service.
One area where electronic mail already has been put to productive use is in the transportation industry.
Internet services in the domain of certification services (like electronic postmark) and universal electronic mail.
As an example, if certain electronic mail messages are considered official records of business communications, those messages should be identified within the electronic mail system or be copied to a formal electronic recordkeeping system.
he wrote: ``More time is now spent processing `FYI' copies of marginally relevant electronic mail messages, sifting through publications, and searching databases, both internal and external, for potentially useful information.
Those images are also in a computer in digital form, having been scanned, captured by a videocamera, or faxed into digital form You pull these various forms of information--text, graphics, images, and recorded sounds--on your personal computer into a multimedia electronic mail message, using readily available software from a variety of firms, and you send the multimedia document via the Internet to the mailbox of a consultant whose opinion you want for this patient.
These electronic coupons are actually electronic mail messages which are created using ViaCrypt's PGP encryption software.
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