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an image represented as a two dimensional array of brightness values for pixels


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Detective Neil Slatter, based at Cathays CID, said the victim had confirmed the electronic image created by detectives after the attack on March 1 was a good likeness.
This implementation amounted to little more than finding a vendor and converting current plain film techniques to electronic image capture, easily done with existing radiography equipment by changing the cassette technology.
As a result, bank regulators went to Congress and pitched the idea of clearing checks using electronic images rather than paper checks.
s (Nasdaq:INTU) Quicken(R) Personal Finance Software 2006 customers who want to use the new electronic image and statement attachment features.
Fifth Third clients who convert their paper check deposits to electronic image transactions may receive earlier funds availability, improved timing of bank deposits, reduced courier and fraud costs and improved internal reporting capabilities.
the leading provider of item processing solutions to the financial services industry, announced today the official availability of its new product suite designed to provide a flexible, high quality image processing environment for all check processors: the ImageAnalyzer (IA)(TM), a sophisticated image quality assurance system; Remote Item Processing Solution (RIPS)(TM), a small-to-medium volume-specific electronic image capture system; and IRD Print, a scalable printing solution.
Open Solutions Item Imaged Processing Center Successfully Transmits FedForward(TM) Electronic Image File to the Federal Reserve
Check Capture provides banks and other financial institutions with an interface to electronically capture the image and MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) data off of monetary checks so that they can be used for electronic image exchange and archival.
According to industry experts, the electronic image exchange could save the financial services industry as much as $2.
an Electronic Image Management, PACS vendor based in Honolulu, HI, are pleased to announce the execution of a re-seller agreement.
ScheduleQuest and Connect Imaging today, announced a reciprocal Marketing Alliance in which Connect Imaging can include ScheduleQuest's patented automated patient scheduling solution within Connect Imaging's Electronic Image Management system or PACS and likewise, ScheduleQuest can offer Connect Imaging's web-based image and report management system adding versatility to their scheduling solution.
The AR can accept electronic images only in the most exceptional circumstances.
To remain positioned competitively in the information age marketplace, a company should start converting paper-based data to electronic images today," Goldstein said.
MDIA's Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, emphasized the value of this web-based system for rapidly delivering electronic images to the reading radiologist and providing web-based archiving of those images.
Create accurate and complete electronic images of hard copy documents.
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