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a machine-readable version of a standard dictionary

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Chen (2010) added that "there are no significant differences between pocket electronic dictionary (PED) and paper dictionary (PD) use in comprehension, production and retention of vocabulary although the speed of the former is significantly faster than the latter" (p.
The electronic dictionary for writing: A solution or a problem?
At the time of data collection (2007), only one major Japanese brand electronic dictionary was found to supply English instructions--Canon.
DIOTEK is a leading Korean mobile software company dedicated to developing specialized software products for enhancing the use of mobile devices, including handwriting recognition software and multi-language electronic dictionary package developed exclusively for mobile devices.
Electronic dictionary sometimes is reset by electrostatic interference.
In the MEA region, we ensure that Jacky's is associated with premier brands such as The Expert Dictionary, an advanced version of an electronic dictionary,' said Walid Amin, general manager, Office Automation Division, JackyCOs Middle East.
Roman allegedly stole a multi-language electronic dictionary from the Civic, police said.
We've teamed up with our friends at Franklin Electronic Publishers to give away the new Sudoku player and Electronic Dictionary and Thesaurus.
The watch and electronic dictionary maker had intended to put a proposal to dismiss Hattori as a board member to a vote at its extraordinary shareholders meeting scheduled for Nov.
Pronunciation is another area where an electronic dictionary has obvious advantages--I could hear someone say the word, and they would say it endlessly while I practise till I get it right.
Some teachers insist on an electronic dictionary that presents word choices from the first few letters input by the user.
The Collins electronic dictionary is now available in this new multi media format.
The phone features analog TV, a PAPAGO G10 navigation system and a 256MB MiniSDcard, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and an English-Chinese two way electronic dictionary alongside standard PDA phone functions.
Twenty-five runners-up will each win an electronic dictionary and a T-shirt.
Not when it's Franklin Electronic Publisher's version of a dictionary--this state-of-the-art electronic dictionary actually speaks
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