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(telecommunication) converter for converting a signal from one frequency to another

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Then, a power electronic converter is matched to the motor-gear set, which meets all the electrical requirements of the motor.
Powered by AMSC's PowerModule(TM) advanced power electronic converters, the D-VAR systems can be customized to meet specific customer needs through variations in operating software and in the number of PowerModule electronic converters required for the proper level of VAR support.
American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) recently announced it has received an order from Hydrogenics Corporation for three PowerModule PM1000 power electronic converters for integration into the propulsion system for a transit bus to be powered by a hybrid configuration of fuel cells and ultracapacitors.
The deal allows CalAmp to manufacture huge numbers of end-user set-top boxes and elliptical antennas, besides its own electronic converters and amplifiers.
Krishnan (electrical and computer engineering, Virginia Tech) provides comprehensive coverage of power electronic converters for permanent magnet synchronous machines and control strategies for variable-speed operation.
a maker of electric power grid products, said in a news release that its PowerModule power electronic converters have been ordered by VRB Power Systems Inc.
PowerModule PM1000 power electronic converters -- which are based on advanced Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) power semiconductor devices -- provide a platform for designers to quickly develop both hardware and software elements of power conversion systems ranging from 60 kilowatts to multi-megawatts for a wide array of applications.
Integrated power electronic converters and digital control.
The order for three PowerModule(TM) PM1000 power electronic converters follows Hydrogenics' initial trials with AMSC's PowerModule PM1000 Developer Kit (PDK).
Contract awarded for supply propulsion system equipment including integrated fuel cell power systems, power electronic converters, associated hardware and propulsion system software
of Kentucky) present material on electrical motor types, power electronic converters for electric drives, DC brush motors, rectifier and DC chopper fed brush motor drives, closed-loop motion control in electric drives, induction motor drives, PM and reluctance (or hybrid) synchronous motors, vector (d-q) control and direct torque and flux control of PM and reluctance synchronous motors, switched reluctance motors and drives, and representative large power drives which use GTOs and thyristors.
In the news release, American Superconductor Receives Order for PowerModule(TM) Electronic Converters to Be Utilized in Fuel Cell System for Hybrid Electric Bus, issued earlier today by American Superconductor Corporation (Nasdaq: AMSC) over PR Newswire, the ticker for Hydrogenics Corporation (Nasdaq: HYGS) should have been included in the news release.
Advent of advanced power electronic converters and powerful digital signal processors, however, has made possible the development of high performance, adjustable speed AC motor drives.
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