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an elementary particle with negative charge

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UnitedHealthcare Unveils Electronic Bill-Payment Service II-31
ICAAP Document Automation: Standardising the Storage of Electronic Texts, The Craft, 2.
Key features of Fujitsu's new electronic paper and its technology are as follows:
21 CFR part 11 sets forth the basic rules for electronic records and electronic signatures in the United States, and for several years, government agencies and industry representatives have worked to clarify the impact of this regulation on the use of technology in the production and retention of electronic records.
System conversion problems if existing system is kept and a different vendor is selected for the electronic medical records
But Hines also uses electronic whiteboards for distance education applications, as some of his classes are broadcast simultaneously to students in other locations, he points out.
Although checks remain the dominant form of non-cash payment, over the past twenty years, electronic payments have replaced checks in large numbers.
Can I require all of my clients, customers or business associates to transact business using electronic signatures or records?
Leading analysts and other industry observers believe that electronic funds transfer business produces better-than-average loss ratios.
Finally, to enforce an electronic contract, the vendor must provide the consumer with at least the same level of consumer protection, such as privacy and documentation, as that consumer would be entitled to in traditional paper transactions.
How is collection development staffing being influenced by electronic resources?
Revenue Canada should convey to the Department of Justice the Committee's view that Justice should proceed quickly with, and should continue to work with provincial counterparts on, legislation governing the admissibility of electronic records as evidence.
This is actually a group of technologies including EDI, electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and automated teller machines (ATMs).
13, 1997, the Service provides guidance to taxpayers who maintain books and records by using an electronic storage system that either images their hard copy (paper) books and records, or transfers their books and records to an electronic storage media (such as an optical disk).
Electronic submeters are more technologically advanced than the glass-encased or electromechanical submeters of the past.
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