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Synonyms for electroneutral

having no net electric charge


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For an ideal CV cycle for the electroneutral case, the simultaneous changes in interfacial voltage and the concentration of entering counter-ions will occur.
Other studies have suggested that red cell RVD occurs because of electroneutral KCl cotransport out of the cell and RVI occurs because of electroneutral NaK2Cl or NaCl cotransport into the cell (Haussinger and Lang, 1991).
Current models of branchial acid excretion include an electrogenic proton pump in freshwater fishes, while marine species are postulated to use an electroneutral sodium/hydrogen exchanger (NHE).
This porous alkyl-diol silica (LiChrospher RP-18 ADS) consists of a hydrophilic and electroneutral external particle surface and a hydrophobic reversed-phase internal surface.
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