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Thales said the excellent performance of its electron tubes, recognised worldwide, is based on a long experience in the development and production of these highly specialised products, demanding expertise and extensive industrial facilities.
Delivery includes fully functional technological unit, which consists at least of a high vacuum process chamber and pumped independently filing chamber cooling system, the electron tube, the electron spectrometer for Auger electron spectroscopy analyzer for the detection of spin polarized electrons and secondary neutralization / dedusting ion source.
Contract awarded for survey and quote for repair (overseas) of qty 1 electron tube.
pump is suited for clean process applications including roughing turbo pumps, vacuum forming, vacuum drying (only for water based), vacuum chuck, deairator, roughing and regeneration of Cryo pumps, gas substitution, and pumping for electron tubes.
The journal is published quarterly and is devoted to the science and technology of all types of electronic components, including semiconductor materials, thick-film materials, electron tubes, capacitors, and solid-state memories.
Paris, France 8/23/05 -- Photonis Holding SAS has acquired Burle Industries, a manufacturer of specialized electron tubes and electro-optic products, including photomultiplier tubes, Channeltron mass spectrometry detectors and advanced performance detectors.
The chapter Circuits Based on Semiconductor Devices, after a brief mention of electron tubes, covers the most important semiconductor devices, diodes and transistors, and their applications such as oscillators, small signal, low-noise and power amplifiers, reflection amplifiers, frequency converters and multipliers as well as detectors.
The five businesses are home electric appliances, information technology solutions, medical systems, materials and components and electron tubes.
Historically, especially in the early days of electron tubes, vacuum practitioners were concerned with "clean-up" of the residual gases and needed to "get" them.
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