electron spin resonance

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microwave spectroscopy in which there is resonant absorption of radiation by a paramagnet

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Electron spin resonance dating of human teeth from Toca da Santa shelter of Sao Raimundo Nonato, Piaui, Brazil.
Properties of thermoluminescence (TL) and electron spin resonance (ESR) in deposited carbonates.
Fe3+ ions in crystalline aluminosilicate frameworks: electron spin resonance, phosphorescence, and thermal studies.
Tenders Are Invited for X-band Electron Spin Resonance Spectrometer System.
Electron spin resonance (ESR) analysis has recently become an alternative C14 and thermo-luminescence dating method which can be applied to a variety of problems in geology, archaeology and paleoanthropology (Renfrew C et al.
The introduction begins: "In earlier days, electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) was referred to as paramagnetic resonance (PMR), but today is also referred to as electron spin resonance (ESR) and, more recently--in analogy with nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)--as electron magnetic resonance (EMR).
Now, according to a report in Nature News, a team led by Rainer Grun, a geochronologist at the Australian National University in Canberra, has used electron spin resonance (ESR) and uranium-series techniques to date the megafauna teeth directly.
Electron paramagnetic resonance or electron spin resonance is similar to nuclear magnetic resonance, but with the focus on electron spins instead of the spins of atomic nuclei.
Radical scavenging was measured with a chemiluminescent assay (luminol) and by electron spin resonance, ESR.
A newly developed instrumental technique known as electron spin resonance showed that they did indeed exist in biological systems.
X-Ray crystallographic theory is made understandable, as are the techniques of circular dichroism, electron spin resonance, and optical, fluorescence, infrared, and Raman spectroscopy.
Ronald Mason's Free Radical Metabolism Section pioneered a free radical detection and identification technique, electron spin resonance, to investigate the molecular mechanisms involved in oxidative stress.
Cornell University researchers developed a new technique using electron spin resonance technology to determine protein structure by measuring the distances between atoms at greater separations than previously possible .
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