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a grouping of electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom

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We should not confuse this with the number n a principal quantum number, corresponding to the number of electron shells in the atom number and the period of the atom in the periodic table of elements by D.
Elements in the same row have the same number of electron shells, or layers.
It should be noted that a similar condition for the nucleon size also determines the maximum possible number of the atom electron shell.
Both atoms are able to balance the charge of their outer electron shells by joining together.
Associated with the filled electron shell, the gold-thiolate compound also had a major energy gap to unoccupied states.
The "hole" thereby created in the structure of the electron shell is filled up by an electron of higher energy.
This made increasing sense when their electronic structure was worked out, since in all cases their outermost electron shell was full so that they had no tendency to gain, lose, or share electrons.
The electron shell of Period 1 contains one energetic level, Period 2 contains two energetic levels, Period 3--three, Period 4--4, and so on.
This radiation excites electrons in the "L" shell -- the second electron shell -- of bone-bound lead.
Classical chemistry also says atoms try to fulfil the octet rule- elements gain or lose electrons to attain an electron configuration of the nearest noble gas, with complete outer electron shells that make them very stable.
You can show students electron shells (varied orbits around the nucleus, each with a specific electron count).
Because the dots, also called pancake atoms, are so fiat, the electron shells are different than usual.
Like ordinary atoms, clusters with unfilled electron shells are chemically reactive.
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