electron microscopy

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microscopy with the use of electron microscopes

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Diagnostic electron microscopy has two advantages over enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and nucleic acid amplification tests.
The [omega]-type structures were verified by means of transmission electron microscopy and by single crystal x-ray diffraction.
Total quantity or scope: Equipment endowment Electron Microscopy Laboratory of the Center for Research and Advanced Technologies for Alternative Energy FORTRESS follows:
The Center unites two groups, at Aachen and Juelich, with the largest instrumental and personnel resources in the field of electron microscopy in Germany.
The material examined by scanning electron microscopy was analyzed to correlate the type of epithelium found in this manner with the type found by light microscopy.
Founded in 2007, NanoImaging Services was pioneered by a team of highly experienced scientific experts, and has become the leader in providing superior nanoparticle imaging services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and nanotechnology communities, specializing in using transmission electron microscopy for direct visualization of nanoscale samples in solution.
1) Project and Advanced Technology Research Center for Alternative Energy City will achieve Integrated Electron Microscopy Laboratory equipped with enabling the latest analysis techniques and systems are needed to prepare samples for analysis.
The ultrathin sections of infected Vero cells were observed through transmission electron microscopy (Hitachi H7000).
Scanning electron microscopy and atomic force microscopy revealed that the film is actually made of nanoscale gold particles.
Researchers at NIST, in collaboration with the University of Cambridge, Thin Film Magnetism Group, have used the NIST Scanning Electron Microscopy with Polarization Analysis (SEMPA) facility to directly image the magnetic domain structure of mesoscopic ring magnets.
This article will discuss some of the cryogenic ultramicrotoming, transmission electron microscopy (TEM), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and light microscopy (LM) techniques that are useful when the components include olefinic polymers that are characteristically low in chemical reactivity and often difficult to distinguish form each other in blends.
Carl Zeiss SMT today announced the creation of a technology development project that represents one of the most ambitious electron microscopy development efforts to be undertaken in recent years.
The EPFL intends two transmission electron microscopes (TEM) and scanning electron microscopes two (SEM) to obtain, which are in Sion Campus and the EPFL and installed in the electron microscopy center CIME.
Contributors from a wide range of medical specialties and countries summarize the current interpretational applications of transmission electron microscopy in diagnostic pathology.
Virus isolation and electron microscopy demonstrated active viral replication in lungs and tongue.
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