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an elementary particle with negative charge

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The electron micrographs were made in the Hungarian Natural History Museum, Budapest (dr.
New Delhi for providing a Senior Research Fellowship and Catholic University Leuven, Belgium for scanning electron micrographs.
His use of the technique to obtain detailed electron micrographs of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) crystals stands as a landmark in electron microscopy.
The electron micrograph can be seen on the company's website at NanoViricides Dismantling MCMV as seen in TEM (http://www.
In the use of surrogate viruses to evaluate barrier materials, it is considered that a virus will pass through any hole of diameter greater than the vital diameter as seen in electron micrographs (ref.
Electron micrographs show that metal bond surfaces are totally free of residual epoxy after debonding, which takes from 1 sec to 20 min.
Black-and-white illustrations of life cycles, electron micrographs, computed axial tomographic scans, and radiographs complete the clinical presentation.
A paper published in the June 2, 2003, issue of Applied Physics Letters describes a simulation of tomographic reconstruction using scanning transmission electron micrographs of a model photonic band gap crystal.
Scanning electron micrographs of HA and BCP coated stainless steel substrates are shown in figure 4 and 5 respectively.
Scanning electron micrographs showed that the protein matrix of the reduced-fat yogurts made with and without saturated monoglycerides had a different structure.
Throughout, brilliant photos and electron micrographs provide up-close images of intricate structures.
Gold particles observed in electron micrographs of experimental mitochondria suggest that [AB.
The volumes are well-organized and illustrated with color and b&w drawings, tables, models, and electron micrographs.
These values were chosen from the fiber size observed from the electron micrographs.
Only one small quibble with this chapter--some of the many scanning electron micrographs used for illustrations are printed too small.
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