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the electrode that is the source of electrons in a cathode-ray tube or electron microscope

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4): Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem (ADCS); Electrical Power Subsystem (EPS); Communication subsystem (COM); Command and Data Handling Subsystem (CDHS); Structure (STR); tether end mass imaging subsystem (CAM); and Payload (PL), which includes the tether deployment subsystem, the high voltage source, and cold cathode electron guns.
This relates to the acquisition, installation, and commissioning of new equipment with a frame for depositing thin metal films by co-evaporation under vacuum evaporator with electron guns for Fundamental Electronics Institute .
New electron gun and breakthrough, proprietary optics that allow a higher beam current density in a smaller spot size, enabling higher sensitivity overall, the ability to inspect defects inside high aspect-ratio structures and higher throughput;
Physical model of a typical system for automatic current control of GDEG with electromagnetic leak of gas consists of a gas-discharge electron gun 2 with a beam duct 7, a source of high voltage power supply of the gun 3, the gun current sensor 4, an electron regulator 12, a leak of gas with electromagnetic drive 11, a dosing device 9 and a gas chamber 10, a channel for bleeding-in gas 1 that connects the leak with the gun, a vacuum chamber 8, and a vacuum duct 6 that connects the vacuum chamber with the vacuum pump 5 (Figure 1).
Again, a super benefit of the flat screen monitors is there is no electron gun firing thousands of electrons at a phosphor coated grid screen that hopefully is adequately shielded.
This, coupled with a redesigned S-NX DBF electron gun for reduced spot size and screen focus uniformity, and improved deflection yoke technology for improved beam landing, especially in the corners, provides flat, sharp, and bright flat monitors.
CNT is currently being investigated by many research groups as a promising material to be used in flat panel displays, heat sinks, integrated circuits, sensors or as electron guns.
In addition to the circuit boards, two cold cathode electron guns are attached on [+ or -] Z sides of the satellite, one on each side.
Contract notice: Acquisition, supply, installation and commissioning of a frame for depositing thin metal films by co-evaporation under vacuum evaporators with electron guns for the institute of fundamental electronics.
Vladimir Mancevski, Xidex's Chief Technology Officer, said, "We plan to manufacture CNT field emitters on metal substrates that can be integrated into SEM and TEM electron guns.
Jointly with NTUU <<KPI>> new PGE-450 electron guns of nominal power 450 kW (acceleration voltage 30 kV), developed at <<KB VMO>> Ltd, equipped with two focusing and one deviation coils, were installed.
Other researchers have used carbon nanotubes as tiny electron guns in flat electronic displays, but until now, no one had made a lightbulb based on nanotubes, says Jean-Marc Bonard.
The use of electron guns can provide a feasible solution to maintain the required positive potential.
Two principally different systems of electron guns for melting of metal are known: without an acceleration anode (with a ring cathode) and with it.
Video Display also manufactures and distributes electron guns and associated parts which are significant components in new and remanufactured cathode ray tubes.
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