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the electrode that is the source of electrons in a cathode-ray tube or electron microscope

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In this work we have deposited thin silicon layers on the glass substrates under the same deposition conditions with different thicknesses of 100, 140 and 180 nm by electron gun evaporation method.
The electron gun illustrates the general principle that, in the microscopic domain, events cannot be made to repeat.
Instead of a lone electron gun that sweeps its beam across a screen, many forest-like clusters of nanotubes dot the centimeter-thick displays rear glass panel.
Technology: An electron gun fires high-speed electrons at the screen, exciting a phosphor that gives off red, green or blue light at a given picture element (pixel).
Again, a super benefit of the flat screen monitors is there is no electron gun firing thousands of electrons at a phosphor coated grid screen that hopefully is adequately shielded.
Progress, reported in seven papers at the recent Particle Accelerator Conference, includes excellent agreement of injector beam measurements with envelope calculations; descriptions of the beam diagnostics, controls and alignment system; electron gun simulations; and initial energy analyzer measurements.
In addition the monitors can be enhanced with the optional USB blue eye hardware calibrator which allows users to adjust each electron gun in the monitor individually until the optimum settings are achieved.
Like something out of a "Captain Marvel" story, the diminutive propellers were fabricated using electron gun evaporation, isotropic etching and electron beam lithography.
They are allergic to close contact with everything from the energy radiating from a bank-link machine, to the electron gun in a TV set's cathode ray tube, to the electron saturated light emitted from a fluorescent lighting tube.
In a CRT, the electron gun must be placed at a point where the electrons it discharges can reach all points on the phosphor screen.
This, coupled with a redesigned S-NX DBF electron gun for reduced spot size and screen focus uniformity, and improved deflection yoke technology for improved beam landing, especially in the corners, provides flat, sharp, and bright flat monitors.
The cathode (or filament) is housed within an electron gun assembly made up of a cathode, grid cup, and anode.
It is not necessary to neutralize with the electron gun due to only minimal charging effects.
Instead of stimulating the nucleus-bound electrons of a traditional laser amplifying medium, a beam of fast moving free electrons - the reason for this laser type's name - is fired from an outside source (an electron gun or a powerful radio frequency generator) past an array of alternately polarized magnets built into a resonant optical cavity not unlike that of a conventional laser.
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