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an elementary particle with negative charge

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Now, 10 kinds of hydrogenases with different electron carrier specificity are registered by IUBMB as shown in Table 1.
5] as an electron carrier (4) and the NADPH methaemoglobin reductase which gets activated only in the presence of an exogenous electron carrier such as methylene blue.
This ferrireductase (FRED) activity uses NADH for reducing power, and FMN as the electron carrier to iron.
Likewise, the ETC in respiration allows the instructor to show the similar mitochondrial processes involving electron carrier proteins, NADH, [FADH.
Mediators play an important role that of a shuttle between anode and electron carriers inside the cell.
Apart from fermentation, most bioenergetic pathways have a similar general structure, with an electron transport chain composed of protein complexes acting as electron donors and acceptors, as well as a central cytochrome complex, mobile electron carriers, and an ATP synthase.
Pertinent Vocabulary/Background (Mauseth, 2003; Taiz & Zeiger, 2002) Accessory Pigment A pigment with an absorption spectrum that differs from that of chlorophyll a, and that transfers its absorbed energy to the chlorophyll a in the reaction center Antenna Complex A group of pigments that absorbs energy and passes it to the reaction center Carotenes A class of carotenoids found in the antenna complex Electron Transport Chain A series of electron carriers that transfer electrons from a donor, which becomes oxidized, to an acceptor, which becomes reduced Excited State When a quantum of light is absorbed by a pigment, one electron is raised from its stable or ground state to a higher energy orbital; that is, the electron and thus the pigment are said to be "excited.
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