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a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation

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The following are a few examples of the flexibility of low energy electron beams in addressing a range of aseptic packaging applications.
Special attention is given to the electron beam melting (EBM) which is one of the most efficient methods of processing titanium scrap [1].
This article deals with the characterization of porosity, permeability and integrity of conductive and non-conductive rubber and synthetic rubber materials that can be determined by utilizing a novel electron beam technology and electronic instrumentation in an open atmosphere for 100% testing in a non-destrucfive, real-time, on-line testing system.
Prominent academic institutions that are making food irradiation research a high priority include Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, which uses electron beams as its irradiation energy source, and Texas A&M University (TAMU), College Station, Texas.
Those steps include measuring the incident electron beam current and voltage, knowing the angle between the electron beam and the sample (takeoff angle), collecting the emitted x rays from the sample, comparing the emitted x-ray flux to known standards (to determine the k-ratio) and transformation of the k-ratio to concentration using algorithms which includes, as a minimum, the atomic number, absorption, and fluorescence corrections.
Investigators concluded that controlled use of electron beams in a fluidized-bed irradiation system could potentially be used to deliver pathogen-free seeds to the sprout industry.
The use of high-energy electron beams as "pencils" to write patterns on a silicon surface also has a long history Such technology is already used to create the masks needed for conventional lithography and to etch tiny features directly on chips built for research purposes.
That theory says that the amount of electrical conductivity above the Earth is what determines whether electron beams will become accelerated and produce the spectacular sky show.
Their groundbreaking research using electron beams will bring us closer to widespread adoption, where e-beams will enable more eco-friendly manufacturing processes and serve as sustainable and efficient workhorses for green factories of the future.
March 24, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Advanced Electron Beams (AEB), a leading provider of electron beam technology, today announced the introduction of the e16ITB emitter, their second "in the bottle" product for sterilizing PET and HDPE bottles.
In addition to this, equipment is fitted with a power unit for electron beam heaters, control and stabilisation systems of the electron beams, and a vacuum system.
Advanced Electron Beams has announced the availability of the e25ITB, an electron-beam emitter designed for sterilizing the interior surfaces of bottle-shaped packaging.
The apparatus is easily handled by anyone, and enables nanometer-scale fabrication at low cost, which until now could only be done with expensive large apparatus using short wavelength light, such as vacuum ultraviolet light (for the photolithography method) and electron beams (for the electron beam lithography method).
The process involves the use of electron beams, is fast, does not require heat and is designed to destroy E.
In contrast, proton studies require electron beams or gamma rays of only 1 to 6 GeV.
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