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a group of nearly parallel lines of electromagnetic radiation

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It is not set the optimal ranges of parameters of the electron beam within which there is a substantial improvement of the properties of the surface layers of cells takes place and their thermal stability increases.
The development of devices for electron beam welding was influenced by occurrence of various obstacles as well as the use of these devices in an industry.
If electron beam pasteurization technology, which uses commercial electricity, is included as part of a comprehensive food safety plan to reduce illnesses from raw oysters, significant public health benefits and savings in medical and related expenses can occur, the investigators believe.
Stick Packaging: The Farmright Group has deployed an electron beam based sterilization system for their DairyStix product.
and taking into account the practical experience of a team of experts working for a long period of time in the area of electron beam technology.
Improvements in physical properties are realized in electron beam curing when crosslinking is achieved in the presence of coagents.
The convection and radiations losses are not taken into account in this paper because of the short heating time and the small area considered as a result of the fixed position of the electron beam.
These measurements were done with the electron beam off and involved counting pulses from the veto paddle PMTs for a specified length of time.
The width and height of each protrusion and hole is determined by the size, as well as the pattern and number of electron beam passes.
Electron beam irradiation is a highly effective process for inactivating foodborne microorganisms and improving the microbial safety and shelf life of food.
Researchers at the Institute of Food Science and Engineering at Texas A & M are involved in one of the most promising food safety technologies of the 21st century--food irradiation with electron beam technology.
Electron beam and X-ray irradiators--irradiation facilities--are operated by electricity and do not use radioactive isotopes.
patent for its unique electron beam system, including innovations that increase its efficiency, reliability and capability to process a variety of food products.
Subclinical atherosclerosis was evident with electron beam CT in 35% of women older than 58 years who had no coronary risk factors, Dr.
It was also evident at the show that another form of radiation sterilization - electron beam - is coming in as an alternative to gamma radiation.
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