electron accelerator

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collider that consists of an accelerator that collides electrons and positrons

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Due to electron accelerators, the required dose can be applied within seconds, whereas several hours are required in the gamma radiation plant.
Now, three independent research groups in the United States, France, and England have simultaneously passed a major milestone toward a laser-based electron accelerator that could fit inside a room and cost only a fraction of the price of a conventional machine.
7 million order for its linear electron accelerator to be used for radiation chemistry research at the Commissariat 'a l'Energie Atomique (CEA) at Saclay, France.
He notes that the improvements that the experimenters devised for SLAC's electron accelerator should also work at other laboratories.
The fourth consecutive DOE grant awarded to Pavilion, this grant funds Pavilion's continuing work with the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC) to develop advanced methods in process control of complex systems such as a high-energy electron accelerator in a physics research laboratory and a polymer reactor in a manufacturing plant.
Then, using an electron accelerator, the researchers irradiated the fragments with electron beams.
Telecommunications equipment for a new laboratory building to accommodate a 50 MeV electron accelerator.
The idea of a laser electron accelerator goes back to 1979, when Tajima and John M.
As water flows through the beam of an electron accelerator, its energetic charged particles initiate chemical reactions that destroy organic compounds.
Using a new electron accelerator known as ELSA, researchers at the University of Bonn in Germany have also obtained strong indications of proton deformation.
Physicists who want to study the way quarks behave inside the nucleus are waiting for the construction of a powerful yet precise new electron accelerator in Newport News, Va.
Service preventive and corrective maintenance and supply of spare parts LIAC Electron Accelerator team.
National Laboratory puts it, "An FEL is an electron accelerator working backwards.
The applicator 42 of industrial electron electron accelerator
Superconducting electron accelerator manufacturer Niowave will build a new multimillion-dollar facility for radiopharmaceutical production.