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an elementary particle with negative charge

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Subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Business Combination Agreement, the Business Combination will be effected through (1) the Tokyo Electron Merger of Tokyo Electron and the Tokyo Electron Merger Sub that will be incorporated by Tokyo Electron, and (2) the merger of Applied Materials and a company that will be incorporated by Applied Materials under the laws of the state of Delaware (the Applied Materials Merger ).
Mso, because a dot is often as small in diameter as the wavelength of an electron inside it, the dot immobilizes the electron.
If Geobacter could transfer electrons to electrodes as fast as it can to its natural electron acceptor, ferric iron, the rate of electron flow--that is, the current--could possibly be ten thousand times higher," says Lovley.
Usually this is done with one electron and one proton detector.
Both scanning electron and atomic force microscopy showed that the uninfected Vero cells were flat and without prominent form and surface (Figure 1).
The sample was microtomed and RuO4 stained and a Robinson electron backscatter detector was used to enhance contrast between the phases.
When microbes metabolize organic matter in aerobic conditions, they tend to deposit these electrons onto oxygen, an exchange that provides the microbes with chemical energy.
Unlike previous measurements [3-16] which are capable of measuring only one correlation coefficient such as A (the correlation between the neutron spin and the decay electron momentum), our experiment will provide a complete set of correlations including not only A, but also B (the correlation between the neutron spin and the decay neutrino), a (the correlation between the neutrino momentum and the decay electron momentum), and the electron energy spectral distortion term b.
Established in 1962, SLAC has won numerous awards including three Nobel prizes in physics while pursuing its mission to design, construct and operate state-of-the-art electron accelerators and related experimental facilities for high-energy physics and synchrotron radiation research.
A proton detector and electron detector are positioned on either side of a cold neutron beam.
a pioneer and leading provider of fixed and mobile wireless data solutions, and Mobile Electron, LLC, a wireless systems integrator specializing in the machine-to-machine (M2M) space, today announced the commercial deployment of a wireless remote monitoring solution to Norse Pipeline.
The time of flight between the electron and proton are accurately measured in a long, [approximately equal to] 1 m, drift distance.