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a medical instrument that records the electrical waves associated with the activity of skeletal muscles

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concluded that a residual neuromuscular block from atracurium cannot be excluded unless TOFR as measured mechanically or electromyographically has recovered to 0.
Eyeblinks were recorded electromyographically from orbicularis oculi muscle with Coulbourn Ag/AgCl electrodes.
Moreover, the paradoxical contraction of the external anal sphincter during straining to defecate was electromyographically evidencied.
Table 4 Treatment parameters of transcranial magnetic stimulation Parameter Comment Motor Lowest intensity over threshold primary motor cortex to produce contraction of the first dorsal interosseous or abductor pollicis brevis muscle; visual or electromyographically monitored Stimulus Most common: Left coil dorsolateral location prefrontal cortex (DLPFC) Less common: Right DLPFC, vertex Stimulus pulse(s) or train Intensity 80% to 120% of MT Frequency [less than or equal to]1 to 20 Hz Duration [less than or equal to]1 millisecond Interpulse 50 to 100 interval milliseconds Stimulus 3 to 6 seconds train duration Inter-train 20 to 60 seconds interval Source: Janicak PG, Krasuski J, Beedle D, et al.
The facial nerve was monitored both visually and electromyographically throughout the procedure, and the patient awoke with an intact facial nerve.