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meter to measure electrostatic voltage differences

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Electrometric measurement of plasma and tissue cholinesterase activities of four wild birds in Iraq.
O(G)# 4 Electrometric Method APHA 4500-H+B(C)# 5 Nephelometric Method APHA 2130 B# 6 Dithizone Method APHA 3500-Cd# 7 Zincon Method APHA 3500-Zn(B)# 8 FerroZine Method HACH 8147* 9 Bicinchorinate Method HACH 8506* 10 Dithizone Method APHA 3500-Pb(B)# 11 Cadmium Reduction Method HACH-8192 12 1,5-Diphenylcarbonhydrazide Method APHA 3500-Cr(B)# Table 2: Percentage Removal of Contaminant.
The search for electrometric and adhesive electrolytes with improved performances, especially room temperature conductivity, is of great interest since the ionic conductivity of anhydrous lithium polymer electrolytes generally made of poly(ethylene oxide) (PEO) and LiClO 4 or LiCF 3 SO 3 salts lies in the range 10 -7 - 10 -8 S cm -1 at room temperature [8].
In this electrometric, hyper-analyzed world, contemporary composers might see themselves either more richly supplied with raw material than ever or, conversely, put upon to create "unanalyzable" (as John Ashbery famously described the intent of his poetry) sounds--that is, to escape cliched categorization, to demonstrate unassailable innovation on principle.
Soil pH was determined in distilled water at 1:1 soil to water ratio, using electrometric method.
Faraday's induction law predicts an electrometric force to appear across the gap.
This result correlates with the evaluation of the earlier chair-side tube method of estimating salivary buffering capacity, where the method was precise only within the crude criteria of low, intermediate and high buffer capacity compared to the standard electrometric method.
The Tg of the adhesive system is claimed to be below RT, suggesting that the cured adhesive exhibits electrometric properties over a wide range of usage temperatures.
Especially designed for the HVAC and refrigeration industry, 'Gulf-O-Flex' products feature flexible electrometric thermal insulation and prevents condensation or frost formation on refrigerant lines, cold water plumbing and chilled water system.
Sediment pH was determined using the electrometric method (Head, 1980) and classified following Pratolongo (in Costa, 1999).
An electrometric method for the determination of red blood cell and plasma cholinesterase activity.
Examiner librarian Stephen Carter came up with a date in 1933 for the first electrometric robot system of lights that changed automatically as traffic crossed pads in the road.
The electrometric and colorimetric methods, which measure change in pH and light absorbance, respectively, most often measure AChE suppression.
Dissolved oxygen concentration in the system was monitored by both Winkler and electrometric methods.
According to seismic and electrometric measurements, the area of the shattered rocks surpasses the dimensions of the crater at least twice, covering about 0.