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Synonyms for electromagnetism

magnetism produced by an electric current

the branch of physics concerned with electromagnetic phenomena

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The backstory of electromagnetism serves as a reminder that brilliant science in progress is not always recognized while it's in progress, and that prejudices ingrained into scientific orthodoxy (in this case, the universal belief that electric and magnetic forces acted at a distance) can blind science to new insights.
In electromagnetism, the same kind of action-at-a-distance appears to apply, but Maxwell's Equations show that changes at one charge can only be felt at another after a time-delay corresponding to the time it would take light to move between them.
Hybrid Type Circuit Breakers use both electromagnetism as well as heat for protection.
Anapole dark matter makes use of ordinary electromagnetism that you learned about in school - the same force that makes magnets stick to your refrigerator or makes a balloon rubbed on your hair stick to the ceiling," said Scherrer.
In this paper, we derive Electromagnetism from the Elastodynamics of the Spacetime Continuum (STCED).
Electromagnetism began its long trek back to orthodox medicine with a classic experiment of Fukada and Yasuda (1) which demonstrated the piezo-electric property of bone.
Discover how the selection of different materials and strings, fused with electromagnetism and amplification, create an elaborate device that has revolutionized music.
In the early 1950s, he worked with Albert Einstein on the Unified Field Theory of Gravitation and Electromagnetism.
Faraday's work in the fields of electromagnetism and electrochemistry paved the way for the use of electricity in technology, and he discovered benzene and invented an early form of the Bunsen burner.
John Roy Whinnery, 92, retired director of the University of California-Berkeley Electronics Research Laboratory; innovator in electromagnetism and communication electronics; author of Fields and Waves in Communication Electronics.
After hundreds of years discovering nature's secrets, scientists have replaced creation, matter and immaterial spirit with evolution, matter and immaterial fields such as electromagnetism that perform essentially the same functions
Author Dawson Church combines findings backed by 300-plus studies from fields as diverse as genetics, electromagnetism, and medicine to validate metaphysical concepts that have long been affirmed by practitioners of yoga, prayer, meditation, acupuncture, and other alternative health modalities, as well as by allopathic physicians who have witnessed the power of faith and belief to overturn what appeared to be a patient's genetic destiny.
To make the book useful to a wide audience, there are two extensive background chapters on classical electromagnetism and elementary quantum mechanics.
However, this patent did not refer to any known scientific theory of electromagnetism and could never have received and transmitted radio waves.
Aa This unification of electricity and magnetism into what, from the time on, has been known as electromagnetism came by with the help of one Sir James Clark Maxwell, whose theory had the ubiquitous result that a wave made of electromagnetic fields would travel at exactly the speed of light.