electromagnetic wave

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Use of TDK original ferrite electromagnetic wave absorbent tiles to achieve cutting-edge absorbent performance.
Charles Frost is Chief Consulting Scientist directing development of new electromagnetic wave (EMW) pipeline corrosion testing methodology at Profile Technologies, Inc.
Simovski, "Waves and energy in chiral nihility," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.
The electromagnetic absorption of the electromagnetic model under the irradiation of UWB electromagnetic wave is calculated using an FDTD-based computational electromagnetic method.
are, respectively, the scalar and vector potential of electromagnetic wave.
Decomposition of electromagnetic fields in bi-anisotropic media," Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, Vol.
0], subscripts [perpendicular to], [parallel] represent perpendicular (TE) and parallel (TM) components of the plane electromagnetic wave, respectively.
Electromagnetic waves have an effect on atomic vibrations in a lower temperature environment, as the colleagues improved their optical lattice clock by developing it to function at minus 170 degrees.
This paper investigates the UWB response of an electromagnetic wave shield based on a diode grid by theoretical analysis and by a commercial full wave transient field simulator integrated with the nonlinear SPICE circuit solver [13].
The evolution of the angular distribution of the intensity of an electromagnetic wave at oblique and normal illumination of a thick layer of a random statistically anisotropic medium has been investigated using Monte-Carlo simulations [10, 11].
Studies explained that electromagnetic wave propagation in these materials has many unique properties so that metamaterials can exhibit unique properties in many RF/microwave, and RAM development.
This heating of the can be performed by running a high-frequency electromagnetic wave propagating along the transmission line together with the main voltage of industrial frequency.
In contrast to traditional antennas, the dimensions of the micromechanical resonators are orders-of-magnitude smaller than the wavelength of the electromagnetic wave and allow the detection of electromagnetic waves of any wavelength from 30 Hz to 1GHz.
Design and optimization of a new double ridged guide horn antenna," Journal of Electromagnetic Wave and Applications, 21(4): 501-516.
Radio Propagation Fundamentals" is a succinctly written and superbly organized 380-page technical compendium for students and professional engineers specializing in antenna, communication, and radar systems reliant on the electromagnetic wave propagation of radio frequencies operation under 'real world' conditions.
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