electromagnetic radiation

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Verizon's lawyer argues that Lane County's rule was adopted because of worries about electromagnetic radiation, and is invalid for that reason.
Electromagnetic radiation and its health risks are a complex subject, but Blank breaks it down effectively for lay audiences everywhere.
Enlightened with this knowledge, Perkins was inspired to create an underwear range that protects men from the unseen yet extremely harmful dangers of everyday exposure to electromagnetic radiation.
People who are hypersensitive to electromagnetic radiation (and chemicals) need to have key nutrients replenished.
In the first phase of research were developed means of electromagnetic shielding with primary materials destination for construction having the aim of neutralizing the high-frequency electromagnetic radiation by using shorting rings of copper sheet, of various diameters, the rings being more evenly distributed in building materials brick displacement type, concrete blocks, concrete, or material of gypsum boards flat type, fibreboards, fibreboards plated with plastics or veneer being used in the construction and / or plating rooms and furniture manufacturing.
But electromagnetic radiation emanating from them may be stunting the growth of agricultural crops and plants, preliminary research has revealed.
of Cartagena, Spain) has written this textbook on high frequency electromagnetic dosimetry for researchers, engineers and students who are concerned with the effects of electromagnetic radiation on human health.
Some scientists believe the electromagnetic radiation produced by phone masts can cause cancer, fatigue and migraines in people living and working nearby.
The technology works on the basis that people and objects emit low levels of electromagnetic radiation.
And unlike X-rays or gamma rays, radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation is "nonionizing," meaning it lacks the gusto to break the bonds that hold molecules (like DNA) in cells together.
They believe the blankets may expose women to low levels of electromagnetic radiation.
Before then, the universe was so hot and dense that it was opaque to all forms of electromagnetic radiation, including visible and infrared light, radio waves, and X rays.
The case for anthropogenic global warming necessarily rests upon the presumptions that (1) the sun is an isotropic and isochronous radiator, and (2) that the energy density of space, filled with electromagnetic radiation across the entire electromagnetic spectrum from trillions of cosmic radiators, is a constant.
And the device works only for microwaves, not for visible light or any other kind of electromagnetic radiation.
For example, you will find new or redone sections on indoor air quality, environmental justice, endangered species, multiple chemical sensitivities, electromagnetic radiation, disasters, and ergonomics.
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