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a temporary magnet made by coiling wire around an iron core

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Brookhaven scientists no longer had a need for the electromagnet, and shipping it out to the Midwest for about $3 million was cheaper than the alternative.
Apart from design and manufacture of workshop equipment and electromagnets, Rotary Engineering UK Ltd also offers engineering design and consultation and friction stir welding.
Tenders are invited for Suppply of Electromagnet em-46 000sb drg.
An electromagnet placed over the scalp delivered pulses to the front of the brain's left side, possibly halting neural communication in that area temporarily.
Since permanent magnets do not require any external energy sources, operating costs of permanent magnet MRI scanners are significantly less than those of electromagnet or superconducting magnet MRIs.
Limited Tenders are invited for Water Cooling Electromagnet And Bi-Polar Power Supply.
A feedback system, it employed a variable-strength electromagnet to suspend a metal sphere midair.
Challenges to RFID include system costs, material matters, wireless reliability and consistency, electromagnet interference, data warehousing, incompatibilities among companies and countries, and varied RF frequencies.
Tenders are invited for Electromagnet 675-62-Cd106-1
Kondratenko of the Novosibirsk Laboratory, researchers were unable to build it because none of the world's existing high-energy accelerators had enough room in their beam pipes for the 19-foot-long electromagnet.
American Superconductor (Nasdaq: AMSC) announced today an agreement to supply a powerful High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) electromagnet to DuPont (NYSE:DD) for a prototype industrial magnetic separator.
Allowing electrical current to flow through the copper layer turns this microscopic sandwich into a miniature electromagnet.
The Light & Power home page features a circuit on which an electrical impulse travels and activates a breaker (Current News), turns on lights in houses and other buildings (Serving Customers), spews stock quotes from a ticker machine (Informing Investors), emits electrical charges from an electromagnet (Attracting Business), flashes a safety light (Safety Matters) before returning to the home site, a hard hat and gloves (About Us).