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(chemistry) a chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions

removing superfluous or unwanted hair by passing an electric current through the hair root

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Sunnyvale, CA 9/22/05 -- Dionex has announced that it has amicably settled its lawsuit against Alltech for infringement of three US patents related to ion chromatography electrolytically regenerated suppressors, including Alltech DS Plus brand products.
A thick layer of structural material, such as nickel or a nickel alloy, is then electrolytically applied over the sacrificial layer.
The aneurysm was then embolized with Guglielmi electrolytically detachable coils (GDCs) (figure 2).
000 Electrolytically plated with zinc 22,572 17,819 7210.
The system was specially built by SurfTran to electrolytically machine precise rifling grooves into a SIG Arms 0.
A method of disinfection that used electrolytically generated copper and silver ions in conjunction with low levels of chlorine was evaluated as an alternative to higher levels of chlorine used alone.
Several attempts to electrolytically isolate aluminum were tried during that period without much success.
Tenders are invited for Pin Type Terminal Ends Insulated Electrolytically Tinned For Solderless Crimping To Copper Conductors Of Size 16 Sqmm As Per Jaico Cat No.
While fragility problems and the associated embrittlement mechanisms have long been known for both electroless and electrolytically deposited NiAu coatings, soldering to copper has been viewed as "safer" insofar as robustness is concerned.