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(chemistry) a chemical decomposition reaction produced by passing an electric current through a solution containing ions

removing superfluous or unwanted hair by passing an electric current through the hair root

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Evonik and AkzoNobel have also already acquired the required technologies and licenses for operation of the membrane electrolysis system and concluded corresponding agreements with suppliers.
Advanced Electrolysis is one of the most popular courses in Sterex Academy's training diary.
For this experiment, samples with a concentration of 5/0 and 1 ppm chlorine was added at 25[degrees]C and pH 7, NaCl electrolysis gas chlorination system Prepared culture medium containing 108 * 1/5 Escherichia coli was injected After the passage of time [30,20,15,10] minutes remaining bacteria levels spectrophotometer made in the USA, now called Hack [HACH] Dr 5000 models were measured And to analyze data from graphs stylish model in Exel software was used.
Apart from eliminating CO2 emissions, molten oxide electrolysis yields metal of exceptional purity, Professor Sadoway contends, and could be adapted to carbon-free production of other metals and alloys including nickel, titanium and ferromanganese.
Long Island, NY) - For Elena Rios of Long Island, New York, electrolysis changed her outlook on life.
Experts envision the current generation of nuclear power plants using a low-temperature electrolysis which can take advantage of low electricity prices during the plant's off-peak hours to produce hydrogen.
Basic Yellow 2 removal efficiency by carbon nanotube electrode through proxy coagulation process is about 96% in the first ten minutes of electrolysis.
The company already has on-site wastewater treatment and recycling, and the partially treated water from the microbial electrolysis system will join other water for further treatment and use in irrigation.
By the offshore electrolysis, fresh water, magnesium, calcium, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, hydrogen, chlorine, and oxygen are produced as by-products; by using the surplus power, rare metals are also collected from the hydrothermal deposits or the manganese crusts lying at the bottom of the sea.
Subjected to the Current" charts the advent of electrolysis in nineteenth century America.
Hi, I am looking for a professional salon or skin clinic where they offer electrolysis treatments.
CaO solubility in Calcium chloride is very high (about 20% moles), making possible the electrolysis process and cathode deposited Calcium reduces the metal oxide that constitutes the cathode (Fray et al.
ELECTROLYSIS can be an ordeal not only for the patient but also the practitioner.
Accordingly, it will be able to go offensive in the salt market for electrolysis and food industries.
The hydrogen will be produced through electrolysis.